Tuesday, 8 January 2013


The Amai Mugabe Junior School in Mazowe opened yesterday with 97 pupils. The First Lady witnessed the opening yesterday. According to ZBC News, the pioneer group comprises 41 girls and 56 boys.
Thirty of the pupils are day scholars drawn from the Mazowe community while 67 are boarders.
The school has two departments; the infants section for grades 0 to 2 and the junior school department for grades 3 to 7. The school has 11 teachers.
The school also teaches computers while Chinese is expected to be introduced soon. Speaking during a brief ceremony to mark the opening of the school, Mugabe said she valued education as the cornerstone of national development.
 “The school places strong emphasis on independent, creative and critical thinking, equipping the children with skills that can be adapted to the modern working and learning environment,” she said.
Sports such as hockey, cricket and rugby will also be taught at the school. The double storey school complex, built on 7 720 square metres of land has 27 classrooms, a library, an art room, a music room, offices and auxiliary equipment rooms.
 Construction of the school began on November 8, 2011 and was completed 11 months later on 31 October 2012.
The school is the second phase of projects that have been implemented in Mazowe under the Grace Mugabe Foundation following the establishment of the Grace Mugabe Children’s Home, which is catering for 47 children from disadvantaged backgrounds.
The Mazowe community thanked  Mugabe for building a “state-of-the-art school”.
Mashonaland Central Governor and Resident Minister Martin Dinha promised additional land for the construction of more projects.  He added that the project, together with the children’s home, had given the area a facelift.
Education, Sport and Culture Deputy Minister Lazarus Dokora described Mugabe “as an architect in her own right”.  
Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr Lin Lin graced the day. Plans are already at an advanced stage to establish a secondary school and a tertiary institution in the area under the Grace Mugabe Foundation projects. herald


Well Done Mai mugabe..

congrats............ m sure vana vachibva apa vanobva vanoita secondary xool yavo ku Border Gezi. chikoro cheropa chinopa vana mamhepo. wangu beta agare kumba, kana bodo tsvo

When whites came to zimbabwe instead for them to learn shona or ndebele they taught us english nw the chinese wil teach us chinese. Can you go to china & teach them our language, imposible therefore are we stupid or what?

Some daft people crticising such an important project shows how little minded some people are. If you do not want to take your child to this school regera hapana ari kumanikidzwa apa but kurega kwako is not going to change the fact that this is a brilliant developmental project by Mai Mugabe. Vane shavi rekwaTsvangirai re kusada kudzidza ndeyekwenyu. Pamberi nefundo Pamberi na vaMugabe nemhuri yavo. It shows these people are not nepotistic at all given that they could have easily built this school either in Mash West or in Chivu, but no they chose Mas Central away from their own bases to their nationalistic orientation. Wozodei vanosvora murizvimbwasungata!!!

You can straight away tell kuti it was funded by the Chinese pple.....

ITS A STRANGE SCHOLL, it started off by chasing away any neighbours who had built low density houses a hundred meters away, although these houses had been built ten years before hondo yeminda which means Mazowe rural council had planned it out well well in advance. The same road where private residences were built happens to have PTC houses for those that work with the satelite base station. Opposite is the old petrol station and next is a hardware and behind is the Mazowe hotel and 7km away on the old Mazowe road is the military hardcore area and then the Mazowe prison. As we go towards Bindura thats where the Mugabez 12 farms are located as well as her brothers and sisters farms are situated. This is one area that is highly populated with farm-workers. I fail to understand how she could build such a school of the elite and still take 30 children only from the area... was this a project that went bad after someone let the cat out of the bag kuti chaisave chikoro asi kuti housing estate yemamilitary junta incase things go bad for them. Children of the rich used to travel to Concession including those from Jumbo Gold Mine, why now build a scholl for the few elite yet the area has no school for the many poor pipo. Kana munhu ukatarisa mavakiro acho you can see some thing does not tally up as its about 20 houses with 12 rooms and kitchens furnished with such interior decor you would find in up-market houses wochizvivhunza kuti ko chikoro chakadai chinoshanda sei, ini hangu ndine mivhunzo... security yacho they are armed to the teeth whats going on.

chikoro chakavakwa nehure chichadzidzisa vana chihure nehumhondi

education to the people, well done!!

Well done man. May yo project bring impact on the daily lives of the children and the community around. There is no substitute for education

Obviously u have no idea what a global community means or the power of the Chinese economy. It's the dominant power now in economy and definitely their language will be a bonus for anybody who can speak it. In china the highest paid people are English speaking people who can speak mandarin

To build or not to build,I am not a supporter of the first lady,however when someone does something they must be appreciated.What ever happenas now this is now a Zimbabwen school.This is what is called development,Mzee Mzenda would call it divoolpment!Pane vamwe vakangomirira kutaura mashoko akashata but it does help ayone.This is good,infact verry very good****.Chasara kumaintainer mastandards.

Verenga nyaya yacho uipedze. Iwe nevana vako ndimi mune mamhepo ekusada kudzidza. By the time they complete primary school, a secondary school which they can proceed to if they so wish should be in place by that time

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