Monday, 7 January 2013


FOUR family members, including a school pupil, died on the spot when a Toyota Hilux truck they were travelling in was involved in a head-on collision with a Zupco bus near Connemara Open Prison along the Harare-Bulawayo Road yesterday morning.

The accident occurred around 11.30am. The truck had four occupants heading towards Gweru while the bus, which had 51 passengers, was going the opposite direction.
National traffic acting police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Chakanza confirmed the accident yesterday.

“On approaching Connemara Open Prison, the Toyota 2,4 truck encroached into the opposite lane, resulting in the head-on collision and all the occupants died on the spot. No one was injured in the bus,” he said.

Asst Insp Chakanza said another vehicle, an Isuzu KB truck, which was following behind the Toyota also hit the back of the truck but no one was injured.

He said the bodies were taken to Gweru Hospital mortuary for post mortem. “Their names will be released once next of kin have been informed,” he said.

 The incident comes after police said they had deployed more officers along the country’s major roads to ensure that there was sanity on the roads during the opening of the schools.

Asst Insp Chakanza said they had also deployed their officers at some of the bus terminuses and places where pupils board their buses to various schools. Such places include Rotten Row, Fourth Street bus terminus and Mbare Musika in Harare among others.

“There are also our public relations officers and officials from the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe who are carrying out awareness campaigns at these places,” Asst Insp Chakanza said.

He urged motorists to ensure that their vehicles were roadworthy before putting them on the roads.

“They should check their tyres, wipers, lights and braking systems among others before travelling. We are expecting a heavy traffic flow,” he said.

Asst Insp Chakanza said drivers should avoid drinking and driving. He said public service vehicles should have all the required documents.

“We want to urge all motorists to abide by all road rules and regulations. We will not hesitate to bring to book anyone found on the wrong side of the law,” Asst Insp Chakanza said.

Since December 15 to yesterday, 219 people have been killed while 1 084 others were injured in 1 403 accidents recorded countrywide.

Of the 1 403 accidents, 119 of them were fatal and police also arrested 11 644 motorists for overloading, 937 for driving while using cellphones and impounded 1 471. Police also issued 13 667 tickets. herald


The Satanists who are ruling Zimbabwe should now go honestly. How much blood do you want to spill before you come to your senses. Our roads have become death traps. Before you leave home you have to say a strong prayer. Hapana chiri kufamba muZimbabwe. Our water is polluted, no jobs, no hope, diseases are ravaging our young people, families have been destroyed as people go to other countries seeking opportunities. Toita sei? Lord have mercy. Mugabe nevanhu vako chienda. We want a government that improves our lives not idiots who loot the conuntry and turn a bling eye as things continue to deteriorate.

In all fairness Mukoma, Mugabe is not the one driving like a lunatic on the roads. We've got to take responsibility for ourselves. This accident above was caused by the truck encroaching the opposite lane. Mamhepo chaiwo, I concur with you but its very sad that a family has to lose 4 loved ones in such a dreadfully tragic manner. Nyasha dzaJehovah dzive navo varikuchema.

Can someone please explain how that car was completely destroyed and the bus seems to be barely scratched? Was that car put together with duck tape? There had to be something seriously wrong with the structural integrity of that car. RIP!

May their souls rest in peace but i cldnt resist mentioning that these chinese buses are quite strong

I don't know.... I think the truck was severely compromised before the impact. Them Chinese buses have a good history of falling apart while parked without anyone touching them.

its not chinese but isuzu populary known as Amai Mujuru isimbi chaiyo

sure may their souls rest in peace...... you se that there no visible damagae on the bus...thy are really strong tho we underestimated them

no dude, you knw the motto of the fire brigade, they "remove the car from the occupants" meaning they dismantle the car trying to save the occupants inside, they dont care how much damage they inflict onn the car if they can save the passengers...ever heard of jaws of life....ndomabasa awo auri kuona ayo....bringin the vehicle apart.

aiwa thats a faw , chinese made

There is hope for Zim a lot of it just open your eyes and see do not concentrate on the negative for you will always magnify what you concentrate on...just play your part..take responsibility and be the change you want to starts with individuals like you and me we are what makes it really true to say hapana chiri kufamba muZimbabwe....mmmm my bro or sis...look again....

You are an Ingutsheni patient!! You decide to drive stone drunk and get involved in an accident, then you blame it all on Mugabe....Kwana wena!!

You must be high on weed or Zed!!

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