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A traditional healer and survivor of the  Chitungwiza blast claims the tragedy occurred during a cleansing ceremony in which an imported goblin was beheaded.

The survivor, Ms Clara Banda, who escaped with visible minor burns and eye injury, says the blast occurred soon after her counterpart, 24-year-old Speakmore Mandere, popularly known as Sekuru Shumba, beheaded the goblin.

She claims to have miraculously escaped after failing to land the major role of conducting the ceremony. In a state of shock, she ran to her nearby home soon after the blast.

According to Ms Banda, transport operator Mr Clever Kamuyedza approached Mandere seeking help to dispose of the troubling goblin. He was to pay $15 000 for the ritual.

“The tragedy fell upon us while we were conducting the ceremony to dispose of the goblin that this businessman brought to Sekuru Shumba,” said Ms Banda.

According to the traditional healer, Mr Kamuyedza acquired a money-spinning goblin from a nearby country to boost the fortunes of his transport business.

He, however, decided to dispose of it after it started “to make extreme demands.’’
Mandere is said to have assembled a team of traditional healers including Ms Banda, to assist in conducting the ceremony. “After assembling the team, Sekuru Shumba invited Mr Kamuyedza, his wife and two of their associates to his home for consultations,” said Ms Banda.
“The consultations lasted three days during which we discussed whether or not we could handle this kind of ritual.”

Ms Banda said during the three days Mr Kamuyedza kept the goblin at home and only brought it to Sekuru Shumba’s lodgings for destruction on the fourth day. “Sekuru was in the bedroom with three other men who were members of the group. I was with Mai Tsitsi (Mr Kamuyedza’s wife) and Virginia (another healer) in the lounge.

“Other members of the group sat outside since the house was already packed. Sekuru Shumba beheaded the goblin. Clever (the businessman), subsequently, told his wife to collect the US$15 000 from their car that was parked outside.

“That is when Sekuru shouted that the goblin was fighting back. All I remember after that is a loud sound coming from the bedroom. The walls of the house crumbled. Virginia and I struggled to get outside.”

Ms Banda — who was slightly injured by debris — says she later disappeared from the scene before crowds gathered. Another healer is believed to have been among those rushed to hospital for treatment.

“I was hit by debris falling off a crumbling wall, but my friend Virginia was not as lucky. She is still nursing serious injuries from that blast,” said Ms Banda.

A neighbour, Victoria Sarangera, said the explosion occurred at around 1520 hours. She said she was the first person to see victims of the blast.

“I was outside doing the dishes when all of a sudden there was a loud bang and I was hit by a brick,” she said.

“When I turned back, there were two men who were already dead. Their skin had turned black. One of them had a deep gash on the head and his brains could be seen while the other man’s body had been ripped into two.

“A cloud of smoke went up into the air. Sekuru Shumba was lying motionless. The businessman was also dead. At that moment, a tenant at the house, Mai Kelly, was looking for her daughter whose corpse was later retrieved under a bed. “Limbs and other human parts were strewn all over.”

The mysterious blast killed five people, including Sekuru Shumba, the businessman and a seven-month-old child. Investigators are still trying to establish the cause of the explosion that also damaged 12 other houses.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said specialists in the police bomb disposal and ballistics unit were yet to ascertain the cause of the blast. “The investigation is likely to take longer. There is no likelihood of the findings coming out next week,” she said. sunday mail


Ko vanhu munozvinetserei ko? Makandiwa aripo,Eubert is there,madzibabaJofiyasi varipo,kana zvanyanya kunetsa to kwira ndege kwa TB Joshua period

.. Ende futi....! Kwazvasvika kwacho....

Satan is not foolish. Akaona kuti akati vanhu vekuchechi endai kun'anga havadi. So anongounza n'anga dzacho kuchechi dzoita vafundisi, dzovhiringidza shoko, dzoita minana vatendi vaye vese votenda n'anga dziye....Not everyone who says Lord Lord shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven. We are seeing miracles and we don't realize the devil does the same. Svinurai.

The bomb theory is missing one link....Bombs leaves distinct craters.....??????

What extreme demands was this goblin making. Asi chaiva chava kumukwira kumanyowa?

The story of red mercury still makes sense to me; I think the business man lied to his wife that they have a tokolosh which needed cleansing yet he wanted to extract the red mercury powder from the landmine which had been brought by the guys from uniformed forces; the men decided to isolate the women not knowing that they are actually saving their lives;

There should still be a crater as long as the bomb exploded on the earth's surface,mainly because the same explosive power would be directed outward spherically from the nucleus.There should therefore be equal impact downwards as upwards,and with the amount of damage caused above earth surface,a crater would be an inevitability.

He would buy two more if such were the demands,ndokwake kumanyowa.

Hanzi gospel of profit by enjeros and pashons.Bible rinoti munhu uchadya cheziya nekuchishandira asi ivo vanoita a complete antithesis of honest living by raining gold and diamonds on you whilst you are sitting, doing nothing and certainly without dropping a sweat

Anything that seeks to give miraculous rewards for no effort is other than Godly.One of the very basic teachings of the holy books of the Bible,Quoran,Hindu and any other respectable old religions is that man shall reap where he sows.The moment you start reaping that which you didn't sow,you are busy doing the devil's work in one way or another. Those who live an honest and transparent life will genuinely be happy and satisfied,they will enjoy sound sleep without horrible nightmares,and they will be at peace with their conciences and their creator.

I am told for skin lighting, terrorism, if the figures which are being published are correct that one can earn over a million USD for a Kilogram then one is tempted to take the risk

" Kamuyedza acquired a money spinning goblin " , this is the same goblin that Profit Angel is using . I hope all the idiots who go to his majic shows perish in a similar explosion .

Do you to kunganga here to do this Shumba? Try to reason here muface wangu. This was a ritual that went wrong period.

Saudis go mad for red mercury

Rumor has it that sewing machines contain red mercury, a substance that can extract gold and locate buried treasure. It’s taking the kingdom by storm. This isn’t a joke.

April 14, 2009 10:10 by Aarti Nagraj

Singer sewing machines have suddenly become one of the most precious commodities in Saudi Arabia. According to rumors, the machines contain a substance called red mercury, which is extremely rare, and can sell for millions of dollars. These rumors have pushed the prices of sewing machines from SR200 ($53) up to SR200,000 ($53,400) per piece, reports the Jeddah-based daily Saudi Gazette.

The uses of red mercury are said to be numerous; according to the rumor, it is a highly powerful, radioactive material used for generating nuclear power; it also has the ability to extract gold and locate buried treasure, and also perform magic.

Believers of the rumor have come up with a way to verify the presence of the ‘extraordinary’ substance: if a mobile phone line gets cuts off when the device is held close to the sewing machine needle, then red mercury is present.

However, scientists say that no proof of the substance’s existence has ever been found, reports the Saudi Gazette. The paper states that Mansour Al Turki, spokesman for the Ministry of Interior, has described the rumors “as false and deceptive.” Sami Al-Shuweirikh, the official spokesman for Riyadh’s police, said that gangs spread the rumor in an attempt to swindle people out of their money.

I strongly believe that there was criminal activity going on in that house noot really rituals the N'anga might have mislead people into believing that he can excract the precious substance from the bomb; I am sure forensic investigations will prove the origin of the blast;

yes,and why go to a nanga's house?!no its not red mercury,its chikwambo!!

Zviri ku fire kuZimbabwe! Ndizvoka izvi.

Sorry Shumba, I was in a rush that it is why my comment is not well written. I always have a constructive discussion with you. I do unconditionally apologise for poorly presenting myself for making you and other readers to struggle to figure out what I was trying to say.
I accept my shortcomings. Enjoy your day mate and all of my colleagues and enemies on this forum.

Cde MalcomX we have lost a gallant son in CDE John Makumbe "the only white Man fro Buhera"

What happened to Dr Makumbe?

Cde Shumba, you can't be serious. What happened? Mugabe really wants to go with lots of people. Which site is carrying this story Shumba?

not with an anti tank mine that was on the surface

I think there are some clear leads to this story, the surviving witnesses. Clara Banda has said her side of the story. I would want to know what she saw being beheaded. Then Mai Tsitsi or Mrs Kamuyedza needs to confirm that they had been consulting sekuru Shumba for the previous three days before coming with their tokoloshi for the final push. If there was a goblin as said she is clearly aware of it it and the reason why they were ther.
Mai Tsitsi $15000 yamakanzi munotora yakaendepi? Kana uri mukadzi akangwara mhanya kuna Jesu, Mwari vakakuwanira nyasha vakakupa another chance yekutendeuka asi kana uine nharo chakatora murume wako nasekuru Shumba chiri kukutevera.

ko kana iri goblin mupurisa ne musoldier nyaya yavo yangairi yei apa hatidi zvekunyeperwa mhani

stupid fairy cok n bull stories....a paper in this century has the tenacity to write n make aheadline out of....munonyadzisireiko nyika....still steeped in superstition n whichcraft....

Muface wedu wepaBuhera afamba,those are the intellectual torchbearers for the area,including Dr Gono and several doctors e.t.c

MP FOR london... i declare and decree that your mouth be sealed and u never talk again in the name of our papa the covering we fall under. Let jesus deal with u for hoping for such on the prophet.

MP for London (ndaseka hangu - check Bongani's response)

Not in God's name bongani unonamta mwari upi

IWE Taura kwawaswera

Ko zvamaiti Makandiwa ngauye, maiti ndewe mine tech here. Pamwe pacho tinozonyanya kuvenga munhu. But zvimwe zvinhu musakasike kutaura musati manzwa zviripo. Sorry hako Makandiwa kkkkkkk

pics or it didn't happen

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