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The Chitungwiza “house of death” mystery continues to deepen amid reports that $40 000 cash which was stashed in the house is now missing.

This comes as sources close to the late traditional healer said he used to keep large sums of money at his home.

Police sources also told the Daily News that a soldier and an ex-police officer are the two unidentified persons who died along with Speakmore Mandere, the traditional healer and an infant.

Although police officers were still tight-lipped yesterday, funeral proceedings for the late officer identified as Shamuyashe formerly with Criminal Investigations Department (CID), were underway at his Zengeza home in Chitungwiza.

“There is money here, this guy dealt with rich people and he had money. As far as I know, he had kept over $40 000 in his house which he got from various clients including senior politicians in the community,” said our source.

The powerful blast, whose source is yet to be officially established, damaged four houses and left 34 people homeless. Top security personnel have been roped in to unravel the cause of the mysterious blast.

Officers from CID Law and Order section and forensic experts assisted by army bomb disposal unit were still searching for clues from evidence collected. The body of the late cop is expected to be buried in Masvingo, his rural home.

Senior police officers who spoke with the Daily News said the involvement of a soldier and a policeman could possibly give credence to the theory that a bomb caused the blast.

Felix Muchemwa, a retired brigadier general, has already concluded that the blast was caused by a bomb.

“There is no mysticism involved. All the signs point to an incendiary bomb,” he said this week.

Police spokespersons yesterday ducked at questions on the matter.

Harare police spokesperson Tadious Chibanda referred the Daily News to CID headquarters saying he had not received any briefing from investigators.

Officers from CID head office referred this paper to police spokesman Oliver Mandipaka whose phone went unanswered.

After the horror blast which left Chitungwiza residents in shock allegations of black magic were rife with residents disputing the presence of a bomb in the explosion.

Residents in the raucous suburb of Zengeza in Chitungwiza now live in fear following the deadly explosion.

A visit to Ndororo Street, the scene of the ghastly blast, showed that residents there are still in fear, unsure of their safety following the incident. daily news


You can get a good high density or even a medium density house at 40 grand; seyi sekuru Shumba vanga vachiroja ivo vachichengeta mari yakawanda kudaro; ipapo une mhoindi(point)

if he had a lot of money, why was he renting instead of being a home owner?

If he could charge US$15 000 for this cleaning what makes you think he couldnt have $40k?Handiti aiva ava ne less than 3 weeks asvika paimba apa here and aiva atopiwa notice kuti abve end of the month.There's no doubt kuti n'anga yaiwona iyi because ukawona munhu auya ne$15000 ziva kuti pane zvaataurirwa.
KumaLocation kune vamwe vanhu vane mari yavo zvavo but vasingafambi vachiparidzira vanhu.

What does age have to do with it?Wasn't Samuel a prophet from the time he was a kid?
Also if you think these people are kids then maybe you are now too old. How can someone who's 24 be viewed as a kid?Handiti kana idai akaenda kuUniversity akatopedza izvozvi?Idai akaita medicine ava kutonzi Doctor.Saka if he could have been a doctor by now why can't he be a witch doctor?I think you are now a very old man.

munhu anemari haaroje baba, you buy your own house. Airojerei kana anga aine mari. This is bollocks

This guy just came from the rural areas where he used to get paid in goats and chickens to Chitungwiza so he could reach a bigger market.He was going to make $15k in this assignment and really having $40k was nothing.You should also know kuti business reun'anga nderemaReferals so someone probably refered the Kombi owner to this n'anga so how much did that person pay?Munhu unototaurirwa kuti dambudziko rako iri enda kana kuMalipati ndiko kune munhu akambondigadzira woenda ikoko and iwewe unenge wakabhadharawo mari.
Kuti munhu ane mari haaroji is a lie because you are assuming everyone is rational.How many times do you hear of celebrities in the west being chucked out of rented properties when they go bankrupt asi wonzwa kuti that person handled $20m before.Even most bank robbers and gamblers who make money usually just rent.It depends with the person.

Takavaona vakawanda when things were bad in Zim coming from the diaspora vachifunga kuti vane mari.Ko vaichinja mari yacho handiti vaibva kumarokesheni here?Ko pakanetsa mangoda kuZimbabwe vanhu vekumarokesheni handiti vaitengesa mangoda here?These guys were not just agents in some cases.Ko maSandawana.Also you should know that Zimbabweans dont trust banks so they keep all their money at home because the Zim$ can come back anytime.KuLodger could just have been a timing issue,aizotenga yake hakezve.

mmmmmm hmmmm yakawonekwa nani mari yacho nhema dzegzdzega.....someone thinks they can make a case n get to claim some money....from who? l just dont know

by the way which politician is involved here....or is it the usual Zim conspiracy theories being created for plot to thicken again

The cutting of the head could be symbolic just like the laying on of hands in Christianity.It's like when God said the day you eat of this fruit you shall surely die to Adam,did he really die as we know it?Death here means separation and so since this person didnt want the Tokoloshi anymore,killing it could be a way of divorcing or separating from the Tokoloshi.The way they do it is to chop the head.Every trade has its own jargon,don't take everything literally.

Kune mamwe maYouth andinoziva ari Kuma 25 to 35 yrs .... Kikiki ! Aaah ini zvangu Kikiki ..vamwe vacho maYouth air over 40 yrs .....!

We are destroying our country believing in supernatural lunacy. the sad thing is that the majority of the people following this nonsense are educated. if there were any money in that house, the explosion will have send bills flying everywhere.

That's logical for sure ... Dai pakaitika chaos vanhu vachinhonga Mari ..!
Ther was no money for surely a bomb explisosion would have strewn the paper money around....!

hapana mhoindi you even know his running costs? do you even know his 2,5,10 year plan? dont always assume your priorities apply to everyone..people have their plans and reasons to do wat ever they want....iwe ukaipihwa 40k even uchiroja unobva watonotenga imba ipapo here? the same applies to millions of people vanofamba netsoka asi kuri kunzi afa mozonowona mubank mune kana mari inotenga ka 323......kungoti mari yeumwe iri easy kuplanira

shamwari buying a house is a process and for most black fellaz its probably the highest achievment....having money is very relative....kuroja can mean any of the following 1. hauna mari, 2. haisati yakwana mari yaurikuda.....then of course there is a variety of strange reasons like being a criminal and cant afford to go through the processes to own a house,

In any case there is no evidence to support that there was that kind of money in the house;

Remember the 15 000 was going to be shared among a whole lot of n’angas that he had invited to help him kill the chikwambo. And those gun man who had brought the mercury probably for use in the killing of the chikwambo also wanted a share. Saka 15000 yakanga yatoita humvaru humvaru kare kare.

Kasukuwere, Madzore and the not so clever Malema 40 years and above youths kikikiki lol

hanzi ne vamwe vakanzwa chidhoma chacho chichiti "buratishit ndaakutora mari yacho" hanzi chikatiza ne 40 thousand yacho!!

hahhh musadaro musadaro musadrooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!kutsvaga mula nedemo uku hahhh kkkkkkkkkkk

Don't you all know money earned from juju does not bring development? They give people tokoloshis to make money but they lead questionable lives. Has anyone seen a rich n'anga? It shows they don't bring real prosperity.

Chemahara mushana! This gullible and fake witch doctor anga adya mari ya kamuyedza for long. Kamuyedza was a former CIO agent...ndosaka state yati ngatipindirei tinzwe kuti zvakamira wani wani! Rume rakadyirwa mari iri. This 24 year old 'sekuru' (looooooolest) aitora about 15k as consultation, imagine. Clever akati, 'amai nababa, musandinchema, kana ndaaaafaaa, nehondoooo...ndini ndakazvidaaaa.....! Y do u think a man wud leave $15 thousand dollars in his car ozoti wife enda unotora...that bloody chikwambo had been behead for so long guys, more than 15 times and the guy was sick an tired of it pasina result! He wanted revenge for his money, and he got it! Sadly semuSoja or CIO akati rega ndingofawo. He wanted to save his wife kuti asare achichengeta vana, and that is what he did...!

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