Wednesday, 9 January 2013


TRAUMA Centre owner Dr Vivek Solanki yesterday alleged chief law officer in the Attorney General’s Office Mr Chris Mutangadura was the recipient of the $150 000 bribe offered by African Medical Investments.

Mr Mutangadura refuted the allegations and said he will take legal action against Dr Solanki.
Dr Solanki told the regional magistrate’s court in Harare yesterday that AMI lawyer Ms Beatrice Mtetwa and an emissary delivered the bribe to Mr Mutangadura.

The medical doctor was being cross-examined by Ms Mtetwa in the trial of AMI boss Peter Annesley, Mavis Mushonga and Paul Stevenson who are facing fraud charges involving US$10 million.
The charges emanate from the alleged fraudulent takeover of Trauma Centre medical facility.

The trio, represented by Ms Beatrice Mtetwa and Mr Innocent Musimbe, is accused of fraudulently taking over Dr Solanki’s Trauma Centre medical facility.

Advocate Thabani Mpofu yesterday said he had been instructed by Mr Mutangadura to institute legal proceedings against Dr Solanki.

“The allegations are absolutely laughable anyone who has practiced law in Harare knows that cannot possibly be true. Serious assertions have been cast on two well regarded legal practitioners.
“For that reason Mr Mutangadura has asked me to pursue legal action in view of the fact that these allegations are defamatory in the extreme,” he said.

Ms Mtetwa said: “He has made very serious allegations not only against me but the AG’s Office. We should make sure the name of the witness is told in court so that the interest of justice is safeguarded.”

Dr Solanki told the court that he could not reveal the name of the witness as his life was in danger and without advice from his lawyer.

Ms Mtetwa, however, insisted that Dr Solanki reveals the name as the matter had attracted wide coverage.

Presiding magistrate Mr Clever Tsikwa ruled that Dr Solanki should release the name of the informant as he had made serious allegations against Mr Mutangadura and Ms Mtetwa.

The proceedings were held in camera after the gallery was cleared for Dr Solanki to reveal the name of the informant. When the matter resumed in an open court Dr Solanki said the witness came to his lawyer Mr Jonathan Samukange offices and divulged the information.

“The informant was beaten up when it was found that he gave us information,” he said.
He said he reported the matter to the Anti-Corruption Commission and the President’s Office.
He said he was assured that they would investigate the matter.

The trial opened on Monday with Dr Solanki testifying that equipment from his Trauma Centre was stolen to aid Renamo bandits in a civil war in Mozambique. He said his family was threatened and he went into hiding during the time when his company was fraudulently taken over. herald


Izvoka izvo...gore rino nhaka!

150 000 us Bribe , lucky guy hope wakaita musoro nayo

Inews dzeZimbabwe zvechokwadi.

LSZ quickly suspends lawyers for being implicated in any about these 2.its day 3.we are counting

weh weh weh greed is getting the better of Zimbabweans I cannot believe the comments I'm reading advocating corruption. Money is not everything in life what happened to dignity. This is the devils playground beware.

zorai butter for how long when the cow is being killed

They will say the case is frivolous and vexatious. The state says that
they will not pursue charges. This is a mere allegation with no proof
provided. It is one man's word against another.

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