Monday, 21 January 2013


A SENIOR police officer based in Bindura Assistant Inspector Collen Musorowegomo was last week sentenced to 12 days after he appeared before a police disciplinary court charged with actively participating in politics in contravention of the Police Act.

His lawyer John Mugogo confirmed the matter yesterday, adding his client had been detained at Chikurubi Maximum Prison.

Musorowegomo was arrested last Friday as he left the Harare Magistrates Court where he was facing charges of publishing falsehoods after he and his Bindura University lecturer Obadiah Dodo co-authored a report revealing how police were rendered ineffective by Zanu PF activists in the run-up to the June 2008 presidential elections.

Dodo is an ex-Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) agent. The report was published by a United States website, American International Journal of Contemporary Research.

“That’s where I am coming from now. They denied me access to him and told me to come tomorrow after they have consulted their superiors because he was arrested over a sensitive matter,” Mugogo told NewsDay yesterday.

Mugogo said Musorowegomo was convicted by the police disciplinary court and they appealed against the ruling on December 28.

He said he was surprised that his client had been arrested before the police filed a notice of rejection to their appeal. According to Mugogo, Musorowegomomo will serve a 12- day sentence and a police suitability body will determine his fate in the police force thereafter.

“They are charging him for violating the Police Act by actively participating in politics. They are also charging him for doing studies without the approval of the police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri,” Mugogo said.

According to the State, the two connived to author a document titled Political intolerance, diversity and democracy: youths violence in Bindura urban, Zimbabwe, and posted it on the website.

The document showed how Zanu PF had virtually incapacitated the police. The two, from the Peace and Governance Studies department at the university, confirmed authoring the document but denied publishing it on the website.

They also argued that they produced it as a research project for learning purposes and sought protection under the Academic Act.

Dodo and Musorowegomo said the surveys cited State security agents such as the army, police, prison guards and the CIO as having played a key role in inciting youths to engage in acts of violence between 1999-2011. newsday


If he indeed participated in politics, he deserves to be punished, so as chihuri.

..and yet Oliver Mandipaka is an aspiring candidate on a zanu pf ticket. It all comes back to which side of politics are on. The mafia side is untouchable and if you are on the other side unoitwa kanyama kanyama. The document that was authored had a true reflection of what actually transpired during that bloody period.

When they participate 'in poltics' zvine ZANU slant, it's PATRIOTISM...with any other's a serious VIOLATION of the Police Act. It's a REAL circus, you know. I am praying that the next government be one that will bring relief to the masses and woe to those who deserve it.

I would term this Zanu-pf imposing 'free thinking' sanctions on the civilians. Speaking out on issues affecting the nation is taboo, it is treason, but the real act is polished in glowing words - indigenisation, wealth redistribution, fast-track land reform. The classic one being 'consolidating and protecting our sovereignity' which in real terms means murder, looting, raping.

Bull's eye! What do you expect from a Gukurahundi Zanoid, Gestapo, Keystone police force?

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