Wednesday, 2 January 2013


A notorious armed robber who had terrorised Bulawayo and Harare failed to make it into the New Year after he was gunned down by police detectives during a shoot-out in Harare on New Year’s Eve.
Peace Mutema, also known as ‘Batista’ and his accomplices Clever Nengomasha and Mudzingwa had gone on a robbing spree in December last year targeting mainly Total garages in Harare and Bulawayo.
Police spokesperson Andrew Phiri told the ZBC News how the trio had on December 9 teamed up and robbed a Total garage in Bulawayo, making off with one pistol, $450 and recharge cards worth more than $1 000 and two cell phones.
On December 13, the gang approached one complainant at Pacific Money Transfer and robbed him of $10 000, R5 000, a Toyota Camry and three Samsung mobile phones.
Superintendent Phiri said police detectives tracked the robbers around 2300hrs on New Year’s Eve and engaged in shoot out in Harare’s CBD, which resulted in the death of Mutema.
Spt Phiri encouraged the public to be wary of the two armed robbers who are still at large and to report to any nearest police station giving information which may lead to their arrest.
Meanwhile, police have released the final statistics for the road traffic accidents which occurred during the festive season last year. 1 094 accidents were recorded, claiming 172 lives and injuring 894 others.


Well done ZRP when it comes to armed robbers you you dont mess about,people should learn white collar crime instead thats a bit tricky for you lol

Get rid of these evil people on our streets,well done ZRP.This is what we call protecting the public keep it up.

Silva and his mates are at it again, these guys have a license to kill all repeat offenders or "notorious criminals" as they call them. It's likely that this guy didn't fire at them, they most probably let him bleed to death. Who's this "tip-off from the public", it's amazing how "members of the public" seem to be so vigilant in alerting police of the whereabouts of these criminals

let this be a lesson to those still engaging in such dirty acts that one day gava richadimbura musungo. makaita basa zrp. yes we will celebrate over someone's death, but the way these robbers terrorise innocent victims surely chero vese vakaurawa the better for our society.

Dont blame the ZRP, if these thugs had gunned your mother, you will be wishing the same. Mbavha imbavha mhani no messy on my part

Who bribed ZRP to do their duty? Or were these real armed robbers, or anti-Zanu-pf activists? If they ware real armed robbers, then well done. But, given what we have come to know and expect of ZRP, such an act is beyond them.

?????????????? seriously??????? did you just come back from Nigeria?

I have heard of this 'Silva' guy from relatives - its said that armed robberies have since gone down since 'Silva' got involved with Police anti-robbery operations. He has become a bit of a mythical legend, one story is that his parents were murdered in a robbery and that inspired him 'Rambo' style to embark on a one man crusade against all forms of crime

good riddance, before innocent souls were killed.

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