Saturday, 1 December 2012


KWEKWE — Thousands of supporters stormed an MDC-T closed meeting of provincial leaders that was being addressed by party leader Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai in Torwood, Kwekwe, yesterday.

Tsvangirai ended up turning the meeting into an impromptu rally. He lashed out at corrupt councillors, accusing them of soiling his party’s image through unbridled accumulation of wealth. The MDC-T leader admitted that several of his councillors had undergone the proverbial rags-to-riches transformation following elections in 2008.

“We have a lot of councillors countrywide and some of these have been so corrupt that they have spoiled the good image of MDC. They have been stealing from the people as if they were possessed by demons yet these people are the face of the party who are close to the electorate,” said Tsvangirai.

“In Harare, there are some councillors who came into council with nothing, but slip-ons, but now they have several cars and lots of property . . . ah! Where did you get all those things from? You are busy stealing,” he said.

Tsvangirai said his party would soon introduce stringent selection criterion to weed out uncouth elements wishing to contest in elections for self-aggrandisement.

“In the next elections, we are going to deal decisively with this because we are going to try and select the best candidates. We will get people who have managed to achieve something for themselves because if we take people who have failed in their own personal lives, they will get into office and only use the opportunity to loot resources. That will not be allowed,” he said.

Tsvangirai said with the office of the executive mayor set to be reintroduced after adoption of the new constitution, the MDC-T planned to set delivery benchmarks for incumbents, especially those from his party.

“We will give executive mayors benchmarks which they will have to deliver within a given timeframe and if they fail to deliver, we will chuck them out of office. By that time I will be President of Zimbabwe and will not wait for the next election to fire you,” he said amid cheers.


ko iwe hausi kuba here?

Tsvangirai should incluse himself as one of the looters. He had nothing when he got into office. Now he has unleashed his penis and is well on the gravy train. Where did he get the money to pay off that wife of his? Your people are taking you lead you idiot

pamhata pako administrator dzorera comment yangu nxaa!

uri kungodaro koiwewe. where did u get 500 000 yawakapa Locardia. We are nit fools and we know wahat is happening. All of u in that party are as bad as each other. All of u are now filthy rich so what are u talking about. Use yr brains muface and stop acting like hausi kuba.

A case of pot calling kettle black. Chamatama anoti nonokeiwo pakufunga chokwadi. Iye akambofungawo kuti mari yaari kupedzerera kupleaser private part yake inobvepi....nxaaa - at least vave kuzvitaura vega kuti MDC is corrupt tanga tanzwa nekunzi tine

All the combined corruption of all your councillors is nothing compared to what YOU morgan has done truth be told

KuZanu kunobiwa kuMdc kunobiwa, kumabasa kunobiwa, kuchechi kunobiwa saka in short muZimbabwe munobiwa zvichireva kutiaZimbabweans tinoba tirimbavha

Finally Sipo Mtambo has been vindicated , iye aripiko green bar IF WE REMEMBER WHAT HE HAS BEEN YAPPING ABOUT all along. Morgan imbavha yembavha handiti kuMDC-T VESE VANE MAPOSITION vanonzi LEADER , saka leader Morgan is leading the pack nekuba even maenvelope anotaurwa anonzi haapere kumhanyidzana ari muzvidheka kuenda kumba kwake kana emadiamonds anoendeswa nana Gift Chimanikire munoti hatizvizive here. The mana is an idiot how can he openly declare his party is full of thieves.

POLITICIANS are SEE no EVIL, and HEAR no EVil soon after winning elections upto within six months before the next elections. Now Tsvangy talks and mourns about self serving and self enriching MDC leaders when all this time they were looting and he was the cheer leader? Why did he not come up with a strict code of conduct before we lost trust in this ZANU P.F clone? Tsvangy you and Mugabe are agreeing to plunder the wealth of this country and fool the docile ZIMBOS that you don't agree so that you can take your con artistry a bit longer while ZIMBOS are killing each other over who is better you or Robert. At least Robert was selfless for once. He was educated but risked his life to get the political power from the whites then he became the Black white himself . He has done a few good things but generally his hangers on and leadership have plundered the nation's wealth while he also cheered them on. Tsvagy you must show a HEAVY hand against CORRUPTION, If you do that we may reconsider and think of voting you. Your chance is fast vanishing you need to sacrifice those thieves in your party and shake off the ZANU P.F modus operandi of 'see no evil and fire no one for corruption until they get rich first' that you are exhibiting. You were clean then but not THIS TIME.

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