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Robert Mugabe Junior has abandoned his dream of playing professional basketball in the United States of America, his mother Grace Mugabe has revealed.
The gangly first son has been hailed as one of the finest basketball players to emerge out of the country and has two national caps to his name.
He skippered the Zimbabwe Under-18 squad during the Zone VI basketball championships held in Harare two years ago, and also took part in an exhibition match between Zimbabwe and the United States of America AND 1 All-star team.
Tino, as the young Mugabe is referred to in basketball circles, used the regional championships to answer critics who insinuated that his inclusion in the national team had more to do with his DNA than his talent.
That fine outing during the Zone VI championship was followed by another top drawer show when the Zimbabwe All Star team faced star studded United States AND1 basketball side at the City Sports Centre early this year.
Now despite his talent and the praises being showered on him by US scouts Mugabe yesterday said that her son appreciated that his dream of playing professional basketball in the Unites States cannot materialise.
Speaking at Midlands Children’s Home yesterday Mugabe said that she had to sit Tino down and explain what the sanctions that were imposed on the country meant to his basketball career.
“President Mugabe sacrifices his life and that of his family just to be the country’s breadwinner. The sanctions don’t just affect him but our family as well.
“My son is very good at basketball, he even captained the national Under-18 side, but he cannot pursue his dream of playing basketball in the United States of America.
“The US has the best basketball league in the world, the NBA, but my son cannot try his luck there because of these sanctions.
“We had to sit him down and explain that he cannot join a club playing in the US college league because of the sanctions. It hurt him because there was a lot of interest in him but now he understands what it means to be the son of President Mugabe,” she said.


Nonsense. Ko zvaakafanana naPamire mwana uyu!

fuck off mwana wehure, enda unoyamwa mboro yababa vako mugabe uko.... basket ball kuti chii chacho dhodhi remunhu!

2 caps for Zim does not entitle you to a spot in the NBA because Zim's not that good anywhere.I'm not saying the guy's not good bcoz I've never seen him playing neither am I saying he cant make it.

Mwana vaPamire isnt good enough to ply his trade in the NBA!.He must pass his A Levels 1st !

Mhata yake ngaagare mu Zim imomo.....vanhu vanotya kumumaka mu game.......ungamutorera bhora ipo pakazara ma CIO???????mwanya we Cobra I Cobra....

Lets draw a line people, the boy has nothing to do with the sins of his father.ZERO, NOTHING, let him be.

Mwana wenyoka inyoka.

No sir, we do not choose the scrotum we exit from .

The guy did not chose his historical why are you hurling insults at him??
I think its unfair to the young man who is still growing up and learning how to cope with the hassles of life.......

True, but he does however make a good punching bag. We have been thru enough, let the boy get punched!!

Matibili once said "mwana wenyoka inyoka", refering to Joshua Nkomo during the height of the genocide in Matebeleland and the midlands.

Iwe wakafanana nembwa yepanext door paamai vako, mai vako vakasvirwa nembwa vakazvara iwe - vako vana ndivo vakafanana naPamire!

Ko watsamwei kudaro. Are you his biological father? I have no idea how Pamire looked like, but you just whetted my interest. Is it really true that he looks like Pamire?

Tell him kuti baba wako warikuita bhinzi for the whole country, wapera kumamira zvinhu zvose

The words of his own father being quoted - now they come back to haunt the family! Zvonakidza manje.

Google Peter Pamire - there is his pic on the net. It is true though - he does look like his putative dad Pamire, especially the hairline! He is almost a clone! Wow! This is unbelievable! Why the hell did people on this site start such a discussion? Tave kuona zvimwe pano!

we also have nothing to do with the sins of zanu , but we are suffering , fair enough , they should taste the salt as well, most zimbabweans are disadvantaged now becoz of bob and his zanu , far more than just going to us ,

Ko ngaayende ka kunotamba Basketball yacho ku China, look east even in sport kana zve America zvaramba. Muchinyanya kurebesa miromo ikozvino moparira vana kuita sekunonzi hamudi america and britain imi muchiyuwira kuendako chupeti dzevanhu.

I am sure Asian countries do play basket ball as well, he may as well try look east.

We sons and daughters of Zanupf bragging on these forums and you have the gutts to tell us to spare this one the fury. Never, same fanana

Why are insulting him on behalf of Junior or Mugabe are you another gora here

i concede defeat on this one, let his father defend him.

Asi ndiwe Robert jnr???hindava kupenga so???saka hausi kuzviona kuti akafanana na Pamire here???vanhu ve Zanu pf majaira kukwatisa vanhu ka kumaruzevha makuda kuzviita pano????manje tokuudza chimhata chenyu kusvika zvanaka....mukosho wako

Why does he dream about America if America is the oppressive imperialist like his father (or grandfather-whichever is appropriate) always says

Akaenda ku America vanomupfura nepfuti...inongoita kunge a Robbery gone wrong...kana Cross fire yema Drug wars....hanzi na Mukanya mwanya wenyoka inyoka, wotorova musoro.usatambe nenyoka ...usatambe nayo...mfana uchafira Chimhata cha Step father vako...chero uchifamba nema Limo but unombodzimbikanawo..haungangofare muchokocho vanhu vachichema zuva ne zuva....wamama

Mwana we nyoka inyoka iwe!!!!!!!

Nxx uyadelela u grace.Our kids are suffring in Zim schools and you crying for Boby Jr to go and play basketball? How many kids lives has your husband screwwed in ZIm.Nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wakangotarisa hako vachiitwa nembwa? Inga uri murume pasina. Imbwa kuita kusvika yapedza iwe uchbonyorawo paside. Zvakaita zvakanaka havana kuitwa newe nekuti hauna njere pamwe dai ndiri kuhlanyeni so. Hesi kani waswera seiko nehasha? Udza dzimwe mboko dzenyu kuti hamulume next year.

ha can always change to his real family name - Pamire. but unfirtunately anenge achi polisha boots ikoko ku America.

Join the MDC and claim asylum in the US that way you are guaranteed to succeed mfana. look at Henry Olonga he is now sittimg pretty in the UK

I respect you. But from the grave?

Why is the young Bob crying to go and play in the NBA in America. I thought they had one in China or Malaysia. He should go and play there!!

I really don't see any reason why mufana uyu can not play basketball in the States, its only Mugabe and his family who have been directly affected by the sanctions. The last time I checked the Pamire family wasn't on the sanctions lists.

Pfutseke iwe, ndosaka urimwana wehandzvadzi yaMai vako.

kuswerotuka varungu asi muchikara zvinhu zvavo.Ngaatambire muZimbabwe arege kutinyaudza.

Its a shame that your dream is killed by your dad not sanction. Your dad is ruining not only you but most zimbabweans even our beloved country. Your mum should tell you the truth kwete kukunyepera

Iwe ndiwe waona chokwadi chasiwa neve ruzvinji.

TO Mai Mugabe naTino.....Eh baba u can go to EUrope especially Spain. Kune Bball irinani than NBA. Coz in US its very tough and the league there is very protected. Enda kuEurope mwana wamai. U have genuine talent from God haana zvekunzi maSanctions. God will see you through. Who knows? This will be your route to NBA look at Dikembe, that Russian dud in Mevericks.....Usarase your dream mufan....u have wat it takes

Shut up all you idiots! This boy is not the Presidents, if his father is wrong that has nothing to do with him. nIn any case baba vake varesva chii kutipa mapurazi. Mbwa dzavanhu, nyararai apa tidye mari takanyarara.

Even the bible say it ndicharova vana nokuda kwezvivi zvamadzibaba avo...the chickens have come home to roost. Be careful what you do today it maybe passed on from generation to generation...But why America in the first place ngaiite career yake muno kana kuChina like others have mentioned after all we are in this mess today becz of his father.

Okay, the boy aside, i cant have sleepless nights become a son of Robert Mugabe cant go to America- no sir.This issue of a child suffering for the sins of his parents is bullshti, you know that right? Same bible you are using has a story that goes like this: A SNAKE spoke to this woman and told her to eat an apple- i almost forgot, this woman was taken from a rib of this guy.Now sit back and reflect.A snake spoke to a woman. My friend if you are working on the garden and a snake speaks to you- go and sleep, the shti that you took is very dangerous, use a different jazzman.

Comrade youve lost me now...

while i understand your anger everytime the name Mugabe is mention, go easy on the boy.

Nyika, mupfana uwu inyoka here? How many has he killed ?

gomba harina mwana mhani imi Pmire kuita sei

Seriously, This is an ill advised post. Firstly, its out of anger, secondly, its not the place not the right choice of words. I'm sure the write is aware of this(if he cares). Next time, when you post something on a public forum-stop to think. Some people use this as an entertainment forum, so it tends to care fallacies, truths, incriminatory and invented posts. You need a good sense of humor and the truth to be here.Besides, your next posts have exposed you are somehow related to or at the very worst scenario are Robert(Jr) and a little immature.

Mwana weimbwa imbwa...He is the age where he can surely start to question decisions of his parents and should tell Dad/grandfather to piss off and let the nation rebuilt. If he buys his father's rhetoric of Colonialists/imperialists and sh*t like that then he should never had a dream of playing basket ball in the West

nyangwe ngozi inoripwa nemunhu wese mumhuri, wy not him, isu tirikunzi tiri kumama nemasanctions akaisirwa baba vake wani

Idiot ndiwe.Uri small dhara rine small brain se nzou.Who told his father kuti tinoda mapurazi.All we need is a decent life.Not everyone is a famer Zimbabwe needs an economy that is working.The youth need to know that if they finish school they can get a job or embark on a project that will sustain them.Not this hopelessnes that has griped the country.Mugabe is the worst curse to this country.

Talented boy, its a shame the sanctions are affecting him because he is innocent. Of course people may hate his dad but it must end there. Why involve the child. These sanctions are stupid because it is the Americans who will miss out on the boys talent which can be used to benefit other people. I am no supporter nor hater of anybody but let the truth be told. This abuse of the young man should also stop. Lets appreciate the talent he has and be proud of him because he is a Zimbabwean just like everybody aside.
Think straight you never know what this boy will do for Zimbabwe? Just be proud of him , support him because he can inspire your children and a lot of other children who may not be good in school and this will work positive for other children to play basketball in the states.
I do hope that they do away with the sanctions and let the boy do what he is best in doing.

Good luck Robert Juniour we are proud of you, dont give up because things will change. God is not sleeping , he will fight for you as well. One love!

Please do not say "we are proud ..", rather say.."I". My kids were murdered by Zanu-pf so as to sustain and maintain this boy's life and life style. Grace cries about her son's failure to go to USA, what about my sons, amongst the many Zimbabweans who suffered a similar fate, who are now graves? Not after the sacrifice I suffered to liberate this country, no no no!

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