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A State House and presidential and VIP villas are the centrepieces of the new capital city planned for President Robert Mugabe’s home district, Zvimba, as the government forges ahead with the construction of the contentious satellite town.
The State House, presidential and VIP villas will be built adjacent to a wildlife sanctuary and monument, with luxury hotels and shopping malls, coupled with three-way freeways, completing the picturesque setting for the planned satellite town, triggering questions as to where the money could be coming from.

From a video obtained from the Ministry of Local Government, Urban and Rural Development, which is spearheading the controversial project in Mt Hampden, the new city will be built on “6 000 hectares of virgin land”.

Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo is heading the construction of the city.
Ideally, the ministry claims, the construction of the new city, described as the Sandton of Zimbabwe, is meant to decongest Harare, but sceptics believe it is part of a grand strategy to “bring luxury closer to Mugabe’s doorstep”.

Sandton is an affluent suburb on the outskirts of South Africa’s commercial capital, Johannesburg.
According to the video — titled Parliament: The Centre of National Government and Epicentre of Satellite City — the project is set to “inspire future generations and serve as the country’s heritage”. It will also have official residences for the Speaker of Parliament and President of Senate.

At the centre of the city will be the Parliament Building surrounded by recreational parks and government offices.

“As master planner, the Ministry of Local Government will ensure that the Parliament Building harmonises with the overall vision and concept of a modern city,” the promotional recording says.

“As a result, the city will have expansive gardens with green spaces to expose the country’s natural beauty.”
A new university, technology centre, schools, churches, hospitals and an industrial site are some of the landmarks promised in the video.

Five low-density suburbs to be known as Oldbury, Mt Hampden, Mgutu, Marryvale and Nyabira that have already been planned, complete the “paradise city”.

The city’s electricity will be generated from wind and solar power to augment erratic Zesa supplies.
The city will also have a separate water treatment plant from Harare, which suffers from regular water cuts.
Chombo last week defended the construction of the new city on the grounds that the colonial government’s plans were to build present Harare in Mt Hampden

However, the plans have not been endorsed by the inclusive government and Public Works minister Joel Gabuza yesterday said he was still not aware of the project, a week after NewsDay broke the story.

“The project is shrouded in secrecy,” Gabuza said. “A parliamentary committee was appointed, which was supposed to be chaired by my ministry, but I later gathered that it was being chaired by Chombo.
“When I queried it, I was told that Chombo was simply there to provide land.

“I don’t even know of the new plan for Mt Hampden. I know only of the Kopje plan. The committee had not reported to Parliament.”

Initial government plans were to build a new Parliament building in the Mt Hampden area. newsday


It doesnt matter where it is bulit, it follows that most development is centred around the capital city because of a larger population and higher disposable income.

Someone will not live long enough to fufill their dream, a bit late now I must say. Otherwise bring on the development vanhu vawane mabasa.

Where is his f**** grave going to be and that of his dying family members?

Nkandla comes to zimbabwe!!

i do not see anything wrong with construction of a new city. people should not criticize just because its zanu pf

Dream on, that will NEVER happen. Net year out with Mugabe, either through his death or kudyiwa ma election!! Enough of this rubbish!

Pane arikuda kuwana kudya mari chete, tangai mapedza dualisation yemaroads tione.

hino Kana Tsvangson akazowinner angazomugara here mustate house yekwa zvimba iyi, kana iye Simba, kana Mutambara?

Iwe tibvire apa, Tsvangson anogohwinha zvaita sei? Seni ndingatozvimamira nekutsamwa.

APRIL FOOLS' DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ah we are in Nov ;)

These Gukurahundis cannot run Harare. No water, no electricity, pot holed raods and they want to spend on another city. Fix Harare first.

Good idea but i have issue with the name "Sandton of Zimbabwe" really our learned architects could not come up with a name yikes!!!

Mt Hampden although in Zvimba district administrativeley is very far from Kutama Mugabe's home area.It is more of Harare if I may say. If they are three people vari pa Harare main post office trying to go to Hatcliff, Mabvuku and Mt Hampden dhuze weku Mt Hampden anotanga kusvika. Zimbabweans let us be objective let us differentiate between politicking and identifying good projects that benfit nyika. Harare is now overpopulated and such a development should be welcome. Norton would be a better choice but the problem is most of the land there has already been used for residential purposes.

I agree with you but do we really need another State House so close to the other 3? That's not counting the other one in Bulawayo, too. And why not fix Harare first?

Election time. . . . another Chitungwiza railway line???

Bva, kuzvimamira ndokwauchatoita. Woona kuti warega kunhuhwira vanhu. Uchadya izvozvo.

Yava trend. Zuma-style. Anyway, ichiri nguva yavo, zvichapera.

ko Ruwa? unonyepa iwe Goko.this project has nothing to do with "benefiting nyika" here areand some projects that actually benefit nyika " NUST, UZ, MSU, Lupane state, Matebeleland Zambezi water project, Morton Jaffray" do you see anyone in a hurry to finish these? saka what do we need a Sandton for when Harare Hospital, Parirenyatwa, mpilo, UBH are rotting? this is cheap

Uchenjere kuti someone encompasses yourself.

Nothing in this pix nor the description sounds like paradise. Editor seems to be a low class guy who views basic things as posh. This plan only reflects a decent modern city. Nothing extravagant enough to qualify this for paradise. Tinyarewo please.

If you say

described as the Sandton of Zimbabwe........ its a comparative per se! not the name of the proposed city! verengai muchi understand

MrM, it being described as Sandton of Zimbabwe is what i objected to, why do we have to always measure ourselves against other countries? Guess for reasons known to yrslf you decided to critique my comment, ugh! interesting.

divoropment tinoida ngavavake kana cash yacho iripo hapanachakaipa


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