Thursday, 18 October 2012


The powerful widow of former prime minister Meles Zenawi is reportedly stalling on vacating Ethiopia's national palace for the country's new leader and his family.
According to government sources, Mrs Azeb Mesfin has ignored instructions to move to a new residence that would also be accorded full security detail.
The government has given Mrs Azeb and her children the option of three residential villas in Addis Ababa but she is said to have refused to even visit any out of her own security concerns.
Government officials recently wrote a letter requesting her to leave the palace for the new prime minister, Mr Hailemariam Desalegn.
The new leader and his family are currently living in a small residential villa in the western suburb of the capital.
Mr Hailemariam was sworn in last month after having served as interim premier since Mr Meles' death on August 20. An internal struggle over whether to confirm him into office was said to have had the widow as one of the main players.
Due to the delay in transferring the palace, Mr Hailemariam is forced to stay in office late in the night and head back very early in the morning to avoid being inconvenienced by the busy Addis Ababa street that leads from his current home to his office. He is reportedly also avoiding inconveniencing city residents and uses less security detail than his predecessor.
The government has deployed tight security around his current home but wants him to move to the more guarded palace.
Mrs Azeb is one of the top officials and a former rebel fighter under the Tigrian Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF), one of the four coalition partners of the powerful ruling party, during the 17-year armed struggle against Mengistu Hailemariam's Marxist regime.
A mother of three, she secured a parliamentary seat in 2005 and was re-elected in 2010.
She also heads the multi-billion dollar ruling party-owned business conglomerate, EFFORT.


Ko zimba rese iro varume nderei in an impoverished country? Africa Africa you never cease to amaze me

Ko kungotuma maunemployed youths to pull her out anoswera atiza ega.

Same like Mugabe with those two state properties he is not even using them.

Unladylike for one who is supposed to have been a First lady

Hey Azeb Mesfin, who do you think you are? Please move out of the presidential palace or else!

Jimalo mukadzi uyu was a former rebel fighter, saka arikuita zvechirabhera. Arikutoita zveginyabvu, kuto dirikuda kuona anondtokonya, Chimu War Vet saka lady like behaviour doesn’t exist in her vocabularly. Arikutoda zvedhudhu kikikiki.

Your husbands died, the parties over GET OUT NOW.

Agree with u. Mai T. maybe in future those who intend to occupy high offices should have their future spouses vetted for suitability to be called ' first ladies' or 'first gentlemen' nekuti zvimwe zvinozonyadzisa nyika...or that it should be made a requirement to groom such people on how to conduct themselves with diginity, gait and deportment....including oh the very office holders...the problem with this our system is that it does not always guarrantee that the best person with the best qualities get into public office...vamwe they just get there coz they have courage to bulldoze others or that they do have the gift to speak loudly pamabhawa or are vicuous hwindis as we have seen lately...l think the system and procedures for qualification to public offices should be revisited sooner than later..nekuti zvimwe zvaakungoregrerwa zvichipinda muma public office haaaaa zvakaoma..tinosvikepi hazvina kusiyana nevamwe vatinoona pano paforum who just say and write what should be unprintable stuff abusing other pple..zvaiitwa kumombe back in the villages...very uncouth and they ve not outgrown such stuff...


The line between government and party should always be defined. We have the same situation in Zim where Matibili refused the PM to move into the house across from state house. Reason, Matibili has some of his things stored there. For a country which is virtually bankrupt, millions are splashed to built the PM a new house which is now mired in corruption allegations.
The security forces should move in and evict this Ethiopian ex first lady. It is interesting that there is also some problem between Mtharika's kids and the surviving wife. Politics, African style.

Where is the Army?
Just shoot her and get over it.........

Iwe hauna kunzwa here kuti amai ava musoja pachavo pamwe ndivo army yacho...yaa vane nharo

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