Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Seven Chinese retail shopkeepers were declared prohibited immigrants by Presidential decree last month in Botswana.
According to a spokesman of the Botswana Chinese Chamber of Business Association, Bing Liu, the seven Chinese were rounded up by Directorate of Intelligence Services (DIS) agents and detained for several days before being deported.
"They were informed that the President had declared them prohibited immigrants and were told to wind up their businesses in seven days," Liu told Mmegi. "To give them a couple of days to wrap up their businesses after staying in Botswana for many years is unfair and insensitive." Although unbeknownst to them at the time, the seven - all of whom had lived in Botswana for five years - had had their applications to renew their work and residence permits turned down by the Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs as a prelude to their deportation.Liu said he had not had time to address the issue with the Office of the President.  "This is a real concern to the Chinese community in Botswana," he added.  Efforts to reach the chief consul officer at the Chinese Embassy, Jibao Niu, were not successful at the time of going to press.
Botswana government spokesman, Dr Jeff Ramsay, said he did not know about the issue and referred Mmegi to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship whose PR unit would not take calls from Mmegi. 


The same thing should be done to ndebeles in zim. They need to go

Stupid &distasteful , am not Ndebele, but i found your comment very naive , immature and insensitive..sorry mate, but that's ma honest opnion

More than 99% of what you think are Ndebele, are Kalanga, maKaranga....and most people that you think are Shona are Mozambicans and Malawians....fungwa dzinesugar chete!! u know nothing about Zim. Most people have crossed married...who will you kick out? mbanje chete mkoma.

usadaro shamwari pasi pano ndepamwari akatiti tigare ko iwe unoda kudzinga vamwe ndiwe ani?

Mzilikazi aka uya ne 2000 people chete from South Africa, the rest that made the Ndebele are locals. Genetics will prove you wrong . what is left is now the language and a bit of that culture. usaise mafights enyu emagero panama.

You need help, honestly you do.

pamhata pako, umsukhukanyoko you are a dangerous, overzealous, uninformed & very dull person. ini ndriri mukaranga weka gutu & i certainly do not & will never entertain tribalists like you. go back to school & avoid embarrassing yourself on such public fora like this one... nxaaa!!!!!

Y ou must have have been born after independence. awuzivi what Zim stands for and what we went through. lets built our country zvakanakanaka, and just worry about bread and butter issues.

Do not waste your energy on this guy; he likes attention and I do not think he is tribalist in real life but enjoys the attention he receives after pulling a tribal issue; akabvira kare kare kutaura zvetribe

You've got a big problem my dear - brother (if i sense right). You may think your statements are a joke or something but to be honest, they are misplaced, inhuman and distasteful. We may not know your identity but we have a God up there who knows who you are, why you are so bitter to your own. May God save your soul!!

Sure Shumba, but he shld know were to place his stupit utterances, his idiotic comments can prove fatal to us as a nation. Moderator shld do something and block this idiot

My problem with white skinned nationals when they come to Africa, they believe they are special and require 1st class treatment. Just last week I was at a public office ZESA to be precise. A Chinese lady came and saw us queing, she believed because she is Chinese she shldnt que and expressed her frustration in pacing up and down the hall asking for the manager. I for one got very annoyed by this, I knew what her next step was, asking for jumping the que or am from this office bla bla bla. You know there are times when u get so angry and fail to even express yrself, I just told her "ma'am we are in a que and u shld respect us, if you skip, I skip" I have lost affection towards these Zhing Zhongs, and its not the first time I've had a altercation with them!! Did u read the article of them whipping grown man in Zim?

Munhu kana asinagazive anorwadza , and now the whole issue has been diverted tsvee zvedu kuti todini nemazhingas akatora madiamonds and now bring in plane loads of zhing relatives who have taken over Graniteside industrial stands into warehouses of inferior goods and doggy cough medicines , cosmetics and washing powders that now flood the market in the name of empowerment ala en masse and soon we will all be employers and no employees. Ukasvika padoor pacho you knock 4 times and then they peep and open if the bhuti thinks you no threat you are allowed to enter and on paying for the goods the till slip has no vat numbers and mari inobvayaiswa muhomwe kwosara a few measly dollars incase of emergence they skip and scoot. The places are not only dirty and dusty but hot and ties are being finished with XL labels and nylon socks being repacked , same thing applies to the lotions and perfumes but into fancy bottles. Vakomana nyika yaparara takatarisa, hapana chisimo kubvira ndiro, mapoto macup, makettel, mp3, clothes all manner and size. Yes we have killed industry but to believe ART Corporation among others can be replaced by allowing this uncontrolled importation of junk to relieve our pain is only fooling ourselves, lets be more visionary than this.

one tym bra Spencer,vaudzei.

do you think it makes sense to ban the importation of used cars from Asia so as to protect the local industry given that the majority do not afford to buy cars from Dullys/Quest Motors etc. same applies to chinese products i think instead of going to Mozabique to bring Mazitye you buy a cheaper trousers which by the time it is torn you will have raises enough money to buy a cheap one; they have actually reliefed people who can not afford expensive goods; as for their Medicines i think they need to follow the laid down registeration process as prescribed by the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe; Without beign xenophobic lets correctly analyse the advantages and disadvantages of foreign nationals in our country; i believe we need each other; in as long as proper business principles and ethical practices are adhered to:

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