Wednesday, 31 October 2012


FRANCISTOWN: Prophet Uebert Angel’s wife, Beverly has found herself at the centre of a storm in Botswana after her overzealous bodyguards pushed and shoved crowds gathered for a ceremony she was guest of honour.
Some city councillors who attended the handover of eight houses to the destitute last week Friday, have been left furious after the bodyguards ruined the occasion. It is not clear she was given the honour.
Prophestess Beverly came with her security entourage from Zimbabwe and the beefy men kept pushing people not to get too close to her. Councillor for Ikageleng ward Tabengwa Tabengwa said he was shocked by the level of aggression.
"I was invited to the event as the area councillor but I wish I had not come to the event in the first place. They even recognised the presence of their prophet more than that of Duke Masilo from the Office of the President and this didn't sit well with us," he said.
Tabengwa said he blamed the City Council for giving the church the power to officiate at the event and it resembled a church service.
"After the event I had a word with Peter Ngoma and pointed out that protocol was not observed. He promised to raise our concerns with the church leaders," noted Tabengwa. He added that even president Ian Khama's security is not comparable with that woman's.
Another councillor who attended the event, Stanley Masalila, said he was also not impressed with how the church controlled the event. "The prophet's security personnel were pushing people. They did not want me to get inside the house and tour it with the pastor. They blocked my way when I wanted to get inside. I even complained to former Mayor Ngoma. I thought as the former Mayor he knows and understands how protocol should be done in the country. We cannot allow to be pushed and controlled by people from other countries in our own country! They have to know how things operate in Botswana," fumed Masalila.
He added: "I did not understand what their problem was because we are free in Botswana. We are a country of peace. I think they should know that their prophet is not God, therefore should treat people with respect. Looking at their behaviour, I would not want to visit their church," said Masalila.
Masalila said that he even told some church elders that he was not impressed at how they officiated at the event.
 When reached for comment the church's resident pastor Daniel Morupisi explained that they have to offer security to their prophet because many people usually mob her to get closer to her.
"If we allow the public to touch her - as some believe it can bring them blessings- there would be congestion," he said.  "We have to offer enough security to avoid mobbing. We do this everywhere, even when we go internationally. I cannot deny nor disagree that people were pushed because I did not see that happening. Furthermore, no one  has complained of being pushed," he said. MMEGI


Bodyguards are just men and women of flesh, the only person who can protect me from the evils of this world is the Lord God Almighty, even if I walk through the valley of death I will not be afraid.

Get blessings from touching hure iri?????inini vakandisiya ndomubata magaro ndozvandava kuda kutoendera paanenge ari....ndikuda kubada mukadzi wa Anjero dako....ndofunga rakapfava nekugara mu Bentley

Cde Haikona kundisekesa mhani.....

Handiti dai kugunzvwa njabipi iyi kwai unza makombo rero di tese tatowe ne bhanzi rine munvhuri ..... taimu zhaka achiri stipper ku loughton ku hingirande karesa

we mai a tindho bora kunyo kwako kuhombe sekwa Bev ano bonyora ne bhodyera re vhinyu

haasiye Bev webhodhoro here uyu kana mazita ebasa angofanana

Shuwa, Ana maitindo kana satan chaiye haana basa nemi, muno gadhirweyiko.Zvino uyu mudziyo wakakosha unofanirwa kuchengetwa 24/7.

Kinda gets my wild imagination running on a humorous note, and noting that there is much similarity between a country's political system and its religious system(s). If there is a highly 'monetised' political elite, the same flows down to the religious elite; if the political system is rigid, undemocratic and led by inflexible octagenarians; check also the ranks in the religious structures in the many religions within that society( how many churches that are there are so intolerant of young people's way of dressing, speaking, etc? I used to attend one and the young people were leaving by droves!); if the politicians believe in pushing and shoving, the religious people's entourages also 'push' n shove! Honestly, churches originating in Zim are so irrelevant elsewhere as they try to create a 'Zimbabwean Island" in RSA, USA, UK and elsewhere! Try visiting Forward In Faith, Celebration Centre and all the others! NeShona yedu kuLondon!!! neShona yedu muJo'burg!!!

In God there is no fear, .

The Tswanas deserve what they got. Why invite a fly by night briefcase pastor's wife to officiate at the hand over. This woman and her husband are common crooks stealing from the simpletons.

That is why you cower before men, kutya munhu wenyama musingatye Mwari. We are all equal before the image of God, and on that day we will be standing in the same line waiting for God to deliver his judgement. And hazvishamise imi who claim to be pure muchiti yuwi mhaiwee yuwi, yuwi maihwee tumai Razaro azondidzimura ndatsva nemoto. Ini kana Satan asina basa neni then I am well covered by the blood of Jesus, dai Mwari vazokunzwira nyasha kuti usasemese.

Ndivo prophetess vacho here pamufananidzo? Ndanga ndaona saJustin Bieber, pamwe handimuzivi hangu Bieberfever wacho.

Ko ku London kwavakabva neko vanopiwa this pep here?

Hahada! Seka hako! Comrade mandipedza nhasi, kikikikiki

apa mandiwanira apa zvimwe ndezvimwe kikikkiki

well done comrade hahahaha

Jesus was a God incarnate yet he had twelve disciples who at one instance held a blind man back who was crying out to Jesus. Even Peter grabbed a sword and smote the ear of a roman centurion in protection of Jesus Christ, the author of the universe, the one who created the Guard and the ear. If there was security around Jesus and If Peter acted out of panic and zeal should we claim that Jesus was not the messiah? Should we dismiss her calling because some among the protocol manhandled anyone if at all they ever did? Should we be better to call her such names which resemble no character of Christ at all. If ever you wrote something you would not dare speak in front of your mother or daughter it is evident you are used of the devil and work for him full time. You have no room for Jesus in your heart and your desire is against any plan of God


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