Monday, 20 August 2012


ZHOMBE — A 53-year-old Zhombe man and his family have reportedly fled their home after
“money-spinning” goblins (zvikwambo) he acquired from South Africa allegedly started baying for his blood.

Headman Tichaona Mazonyanya confirmed the incident, saying the family had abandoned their eight-roomed house in the village last week.

“It is true that the man and his entire family left abruptly. Suspicion is that it was because of goblins that were demanding their blood. We are not aware where they went,” said the headman, who refused to comment further.

Neighbours told NewsDay yesterday that the man from Mazoya village under Chief Ntabeni went to South Africa in 2002 and got two goblins to enhance his riches.

He reportedly built houses in Bulawayo’s Pumula surburb, and bought a fleet of luxury vehicles and commuter omnibuses, among other properties, over a short period. According to his neighbours, the man’s wealth started dissipating mysteriously.

The neighbours said the family disappeared without a trace last week. One of them who claimed to be a traditional healer said the man once approached him to get rid of the “fiery beings”.

“He told me how he acquired the goblins from South Africa and asked me to help him dump them, but unfortunately I could not do that,” said the man who only identified himself as Chikombatasa.

Neighbours also claimed strange noises could be heard coming from the house and property thrown out by “invisible beings”. The man and his family are believed to be holed up at their other property in Bulawayo.


Hanzi zvinenge zvichitokiya zvibhakera kunge Mike Tyson

Imwi baba Shupi,chibhakera chaTyson changa chakaipa kudarika twunhu utwu...ask Holyfield naFrancois

Zvokwadi Mzu wa Ruby, hanzi tunhu utwu tunobhowa kuti hatudzosereki nokuti turi invisible.

Mzks lol ununge unofarira tsiva iwe usdherere van tula bechulude lol

hahahahaha Tula Bechulude reminds me of Radio 2 kuina Eric Knight kachirohwa paradio iwe
Tsiva tsiva kuvenga kwandakaiita Hazy ndaona umwe apihwa chibhakera kuita kunge jelly haiwa haiwa!

..mudhara uyo ndamunzwira tsitsi...hanzi shortcut to riches..shame!

Jelly haha muromo unoenda didvi semunhu arohwa nezvehusiku lol

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