Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Zimbabwe  youthful minister, Nelson Chamisa says the notion that politics is dirty is wrong.

Speaking at an event organised by His Presence Ministry for politicians and youths to interact in Harare at the weekend, Chamisa said there was a general misconception about politics.He also said Zimbabwe needed politicians who feared God.

 “When the righteous are in charge, people are happy, but when the wicked are in charge, people will perish,” he said.

 “I don’t know why people say politics is dirty. It’s a misconception. If you see a person wearing a dirty suit, it doesn’t mean suits are dirty. If you see bad players tackling each other on the pitch, it doesn’t mean soccer is bad. Politics needs to be chlorinated and we need politicians who fear God.”

Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development minister Olivia Muchena, who addressed people at the same event, said Cabinet represented all generations.

“We get tea and some eats in Cabinet and old people usually like tea, but Chamisa’s first contribution, he was in trouble because everyone was having tea and he asked for a drink,” she said.

“It was unusual to see a Coke or Fanta in Cabinet, but now he has disciples. We have good intergenerational ages in Cabinet. Chamisa said he is 34, I will be 66 and our President (Robert Mugabe) is 88 so if you like we have three generations in Cabinet.”

She said she had lost Christian friends because of politics, but argued that politics was not as dirty as people were made to believe.


Ini hangu nyaya dzekokora here pano

hanzi poritix hadzina kusviba saka ivo ndovakasviba nhaika?

Kanoziveiko kamwana kadiki aka kane mukaka pamhuno ngakanyarare, who the hell does he think he is 2 tell pple tht politics is not dirty. sukawena....

Canines tea ndivo vari dirty

Keep on dreaming, young man. You are not a challenge yet, havasati vakutamba yakapenga. Musi wauno rongerwa accident ndiwo musi wauchapepuka. Its nice to know that you are God fearing but there are other players coming from another era- vanogara vachiimba Zimbabwe ndeye ropa. These are the dirty players and its 99% of your cabinet. wati waonei, vakuru vanoti kura uone.

Politics is not dirty, Zimbabwean politicians are dirty. What happened to maiSusan Tsvangirai?
Where is Tongogara, Chitepo, Ndangana, Lookout Masuku, Governor Mahlaba, Moven Mahachi, Gen. Mujuru, Gen. Zvinavashe, just to mention a few?

Cde Chindori-Chininga nearly bit the dust.
Politicians go to all corners of former S. Rhodesia to look for the best witchcraft and lucky-charms to eliminate others and stay ahead of the other wolf packs.....

Kamfana kamhata aka.....handiko here kakarohwa ne iron bar pa airport kakabuda kachichema ziso rakaita mince?????inenge mari yengoda chete yakava kunakirwa ndiyo.......

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