Monday, 2 July 2012


Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and his new wife, Elizabeth Macheka are moving into their new plush new house in Highlands.

This is despite reported on-going investigations being carried out by the Anti-Corruption Commission into his alleged $1,5 million double dipping scandal.  

The PM’s wife has been  spending eye popping amounts of money furnishing her new home. Sources said Elizabeth did not want to stay at Tsvangirai’s old house and the PM was left with no choice but to hasten the move into the imposing government house.

Sources revealed that Macheka was spotted on many occasions at the house where property worth thousands of dollars was being offloaded. The couple are said to be keen to settle in the house ahead of their September wedding.

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson,  Luke Tamborinyoka dismissed the allegations of double dipping, saying the Highlands house has been bought for the Premier by the government, adding that his boss will be moving into the house anytime soon.

While efforts to get a comment from the Prime Minister himself were fruitless, Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission Chairman, Mr Denford  Chirindo could not deny or confirm that his commission and the police are at an advanced stage of investigating the Premier over the alleged double dipping scandal.

Tsvangirai received $1,5 million from the central bank and another $1,5 million from treasury for buying  a house, hence the investigation.
After the formation of the inclusive government in February 2009, there was a legitimate expectation on Tsvangirai’s part and the general public that the new prime minister would move into Zimbabwe House where Mugabe used to live as premier between 1980 and 1987 and later as president in State House.

The late titular president Canaan Banana lived at State House. Since Mugabe had moved out of Zimbabwe House to his own privately-owned home in Borrowdale, Tsvangirai actually had the option to move into State House or Zimbabwe House.

However, Mugabe apparently blocked Tsvangirai from moving into either of the two. The premier was reportedly angered by this and when the MDC-T temporarily withdrew from government in October 2009 this was part of the issues he raised with Mugabe, apart from the outstanding GPA issues and lack of communication between him and the president.

Details show that after he was blocked from moving into State House or Zimbabwe House, Tsvangirai then requested funding from Mugabe to buy a house to live in. Although Tsvangirai wanted a bigger sum, Mugabe in November 2009 only cleared $1,5 million for the project.
The Minister of Finance, Mr Tendai Biti has since distanced himself from the scandal.


ko mainvestigations acho haaperi seiko,,, kuti chokwadi chigobuda. taneta nekuyeuchidzwa nyaya iyi kana akaba mapurisa tipei umbowo, tiwone.

Mugabe apparently blocked Tsvangirai from moving into either of the two".....
No reason given, haha this is laughable, Zimbabwe please!

spending "eye popping" amounts...... its coming to a theatre near you!

PHARAOH morgan well come mumutanha

You can say that again.

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