Thursday, 5 July 2012


Government has been given a two-week ultimatum by the Apex Council to review civil servants’ basic salaries as well as their rural allowances which have been pending since January.

 Government this Wednesday met with the civil servants representative body, the Apex Council, to deliberate on their basic salaries and rural allowances.

However, the three-hour-long closed door meeting failed to come up with a tangible answer resulting in the Apex Council giving government a two-week ultimatum to review civil servants’ salaries and allowances or they strike.

Apex Council Chairperson, Mrs. Tendai Chikowore said government has not offered them anything and her council has again submitted their salary and allowances adjustments proposals and hopes for a positive response by month end.

“Government had no position, instead they wanted to dwell much on issues that do not address the salaries review. We are expecting our salaries to be adjusted this month, failure to that we are engaging into an industrial action,” said Mrs Chikowore.

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe Secretary General, Mr. Raymond Majongwe and  College Lecturers Association of Zimbabwe President, Mr. David Dzatsunga  have also threatened that failure by government to review their salaries this month would force them to resort to industrial action.

“We want government to fulfill its promises and stop playing hide and seek with us,” Mr Majongwe said.

The government-civil servants salary dispute has been raging on since January with the public service employees calling for a review in line with the poverty datum line pegged at around $600.

The workers are demanding their basic salary to be reviewed from $294 to $564 for the lowest paid. ZBC


salary review should be done,,, there we agree w u 100% but on the figure-- you need to consider the performance of the economy and the ability of the government to pay that amount.

There is no need to fight tauriranai.

Ndangospakwa hangu ne banner yakanzi pay use peanuts and we behave like monkeys. But Salary review is essential, 294usd is very little

hapana chekutaurirana mhani apa... kana mari pasina hapana...inogowanikwa kupiko....hayiwa endai munoshanda mamwe mabasa after hours mubatanidze zvinhu not to waste time ..munoti govt yacho inoba kupiko mari....tikwanirei apa mhani......

musaite noise pano, mutombowana henyu ma 2 waya ayo, munodzorerwa kuzimdollar moprintirwa maillion futi- madiamond haasati abhadhara zvekuti mari isvike kupovo, mirai mabig dhara omboti lumei vozokupaiwo u knw, zimbo style

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