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The Minister of Mines, Obert Mpofu has vowed not to remit money from Marange diamond proceeds to the Ministry of Finance which is headed by Tendai Biti.

Speaking during the official opening of the Mining, Engineering and Transport (Mine Entra) in Bulawayo on Thursday evening,  Mpofu accused  Biti of  "reaping where he didn’t sow." by pleading with Mpofu’s ministry to remit diamonds proceeds into the national treasury.

 “Biti is a liar. The mining industry is the largest contributor to the country’s economy. Biti has never supported the mining sector yet he wants to reap where he did not sow,” said Mpofu.

Mpofu claimed that the mining industry is contributing two thirds of the country’s economy. He also boasted that he recently bought the Zimbabwe Allied Banking Group (ZABG) bank to support the country's mining industry.

Mpofu also said he was surprised that mining had become the talking point in the country with all government ministers demanding a stake from it. Mining has become the most topical sector of the economy, he said.

"Everyone who wants to talk about the economy talks about mining, even if they have not sought clearance from the minister concerned."

Presenting his Mid-Term Fiscal policy in Parliament last week Biti said he was forced to cut his 2012 budget from $4 billion to $3, 4 billion, blaming poor revenue inflows from diamonds from the Marange fields.

He said of the $600 million which was expected from diamond sales this year, only $41, 6 million had been received during the first half of the year.

Commenting on last week’s industrial action by civil servants Biti said the civil servants should ask Mpofu where money from Marange diamonds sales is going, instead of continuing to  blame him.


more money than brains mpofu, sometimes it helps just to shut up!

Saka Mpofu ari kuti Biti anofanira kutanga adyara madiamonds ake, ozomakohwa, then tozodyawo? Nice

lolest so mpofu is the new diamond farmer who can tell us how and where to get the diamond seed, how long it lies on the ground and when to harvest it. mbwa yemunhu.

Shuwa here kudadirwa nampofu asina runako kumeso wekuti tikada kudya tinotanga tanotsvaka mhiri-piri, garlic, onions, curry, anongoti mazichachi kunge mbuya yapedza kutevera mwedzi, achazviona musi wekuti vanhu vapanduka, the same energy pipo use to support other issues , they can use to get rid of him.

Mpofu has just admitted that he is not submitting the diamond money to treasury as he should! But he is on record to say he has always done so. That proves he is a big obedient son liar.

This is what we have been saying all along.In as much as we need change,but kusangwara kwe MDC is worrisome.this zvinokonzerwa nekusava nemapolicy of what you want to do for the people of zimbabwe but kungoti ndirikuda kuita minister kana president.MDC negotiated themselves a raw deal with ZANUPF.They did spend unquantifiable time arguing on who should control the ministry of defence and the Home affairs.These are not so important to the economy.In doing this,they just showed they are another ZANUPF in making yekuda kutonga nechisimba instead of using the economy to judge your hold on to power.Ministry of Mines,Agriculture and tourism make up the income generating ministries of zimbabwe and MDC never sought to control this.Lack of prudence is dangerous when you want to assume the highest office on land.If there is anyone who doesnt believe that ZANUPF is keeping monies from all these ministries for their future (who knows the future)use,then go and die.MDC apart from just making this noise,they will do absolutely nothing with it as history tells us.Now if ZANUPF future is doomed,how is this money going to be accounted for.Now we hear that there is gona be load shedding for the next 10years.ZANUPF seek to blame this on MDC and MDC do not seem capable of laying the blame on their counterparts and get them to pay millions of monies that they have not been paying ZESA since they came back from the bush.MDC is another ZANUPF in making period

So Mpofu is the one responsible for holding the country under economic hostage, he views the Mining industry and Zimbabwe resources as if there are his own; how selfish of him, how blind and derilict of his thinking when it comes to governance. the resources belong to the state of Zimbabwe whose subjects should benefit. But alas there are for himself and himself only.

Mpofu is just stupid, nuff said!!!

Is Mpofu doing the right thing by not remitting revenue just becoz he is Zanu pf and Biti is MDC; then u blame it on sunctions?

Then u say sanctions arecripling zim yet we have few benefiting from the diamond field when it should be the whole country industry included, what a bunch of wankers

I love this analysis. Mpofu, from Matabeleland, and his father Matibiri, from Mash Central, walk all the way to Marange with their bag of diamond seeds, where they sowed them. What an insult to Zibabweans!

This is the biggest problem we have as Zimbabweans - we are good at blaming others, expecting others to bite the bullet for us. What are we as citizens doing to make sure our country is run the way we want? Why are we not angry enough to stand up and be counted? Dealing with Zanu(PF) is no laughing matter. Which side are you, my brother?

Hezvo maiti masanctions aTsvangirai ndiwo auraya nyika.Mpofu has just made it very clear that the country is going down because of Zanu pf.chokwadi madiamonds ekwaMarange kunzi he he anozodai nemubvakure.imagine if this idiot was president maShona tainogariswa kuna mukuvisi pamakokoko sevaya vekuNigeria.uyu murume imboko and Mugabe and Zanu pf should get rid of him before he does more electoral damage to his party that is already in the political intensive care unit.

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