Friday, 18 May 2012


HARARE residents could endure a bleak weekend without water, electricity and beer.
There are reports that Delta Beverages’ beer plant broke down, while most eastern suburbs were without water yesterday.

On the other hand, Zesa Holdings this week introduced massive loadshedding, resulting in some suburbs going for over 17 hours without power.  The shortage of beer has seen retailers getting inadequate stocks.

The retailers said they had been told that one of the plants at Delta Beverages in Southerton, Harare, was down. “We are failing to get beer and it will be disastrous for our business during the weekend.

“We understand they have something in stock, but there is no transparency in how that beer will be sold,” said a retailer who preferred anonymity. The retailer said the shortages started on Thursday. Popular lagers like Castle and Pilsener were not available.

“What we are getting erratically are quarts and cans. Pints, which many drinkers prefer, are not available. What is worrying us more is that people prefer Lion and Castle lagers and these are in short supply,” he said.

Another retailer, Mr Ben Mashoko, said the shortage had resulted in vendors buying all the pints from retailers for resale on the black market.

“The spirit of profiteering is still in most of us and most are taking advantage of the situation selling the pints at more than US$1,” he said.

On average, a pint costs US$1 while a quart sells for $1,50. Delta Beverages head of corporate affairs Mr George Mutendadzamera declined to comment on the issue last night, saying he was out of the country.

Another official, Ms Tsungi Matiure, said they will issue an official statement on Monday.
Harare City Council spokesperson Mr Leslie Gwindi attributed water problems in the eastern suburbs to inspections on plans and pipes that were being done by engineers. herald


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