Thursday, 10 May 2012


Zanu PF sympathiser and Destiny for Afrika Network leader, Obadiah Msindo, yesterday dared prominent Nigerian televangelist TB Joshua to visit Zimbabwe so he would show the prophet his party was not afraid of his prophecies.
Msindo’s remarks were at variance with other Zanu PF-aligned church leaders who early this week said they would do everything in their power to block TB Joshua’s visit.

The Nigerian prophet has reportedly been invited by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai to officiate at the planned National Day of Prayer scheduled for May 25.

“Zanu PF is not afraid of TB Joshua. He is just like any other prophet we have in Zimbabwe. We welcome him if he comes purely for spiritual upliftment of the Zimbabweans and not to be used by those aspiring for power,” said Msindo.

“Zanu PF is not scared of him. In fact, he should come and motivate the people to be on a higher level of faith and teach them that what God has planned no man can destroy, and that is the reason why (President Robert) Mugabe remains in power because he was anointed and chosen by God.”

Msindo said TB Joshua’s visit would help dispel speculation that he would use the occasion to anoint Tsvangirai as the country’s next President.
“A lot has been said about his previous prophecies which came to pass, but his visit at the invitation of Prime Minister and MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai should not send the wrong message to the people,” said Msindo.

“He is a true man of God, but I am sure he will not stoop so low to be used for cheap politics by people who want to grab power from Mugabe.”

TB Joshua recently courted controversy locally and internationally after he prophesied the death of Malawian President Bingu Wa Mutharika.

He also foretold the death of pop musician Michael Jackson in 2009 and the Zambia national football team’s victory at the 2012 African Cup of Nations tournament.

Zanu PF politburo member Jonathan Moyo recently labelled him a false prophet and accused the church leader of having worked with secret agents in Malawi to cause the death of Wa Mutharika early last month.NEWSDAY


Arse-licking being raised to the next level everyday

Education and Knowledge are not the same!

The moralist is the most useless and contemptible of creatures.

He is useless in that he would expend his energies upon making judgements rather than upon gaining knowledge, for the reason that judgement is easy and knowledge is difficult.

He is contemptible in that his judgements reflect a vision of himself which in his ignorance and pride he would impose upon the world!

WanaMusindo Kuhwahwata kungaurikutaura ngekumukosho. Stick to your color if u have 1. Mutiro wemunhu. Siyana nanaMorgen. Ngeweruzhinji uyu

Takamumirira TB Joshua. We want to deal with him. He should stay in Nigeria and help his country to solve it's own problems. Idiot prophet!!

 uri bveni for sure.

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