Thursday, 24 May 2012


The controversy surrounding two Blantyre based women who were reported to have held a lesbian engagement has taken a new twist as the alleged couple has instructed their lawyer to drag Malawi’s giant media house Blantyre Newspapers Limited (BNL) to court demanding a six figure sum in damages for publishing what they call a defamatory article, Nyasa Times has established.

This follows an investigative article published by one of BNL’s titles, The Sunday Times  saying that two Chigumula based women namely Regina Mmangausi and Ruth Banda held a traditional engagement becoming the country’s first women to do so in public.

However, Nyasa Times investigations reveal that the two women news makers  that were photographed in romantic positions for a new drama. The findings were also collaborated the alleged couples private attorney Chancy Gondwe of Chamgwanjira chambers .

Gondwe defended the pictures that show his clients in romantic kiss, saying they were taken during a drama play the two were acting last month. “One of them was acting as a man but it was all drama. Actually one of them is happily married,” said the attorney for the women.
Gondwe therefore revealed that his clients are “deeply devastated” with the article hence are  seeking court redress on the matter.

“In  the first place, the pictures of the two ladies are not of Ruth Banda and Regina Mmangausi, their names are Ellen Kachulu and Tiyamike Mbalanje and they are not lesbians as is being depicted out there,” said the lawyer confirming what Nyasa Times had reported on Monday.
“For your own information Ellen is married to Chikondi Chawinga and the two have a child together. The picture showing them kissing was part of scene of a play they  performed last month,” he added.

On reports that the two were paid K10 000 each to stage a same sex engagement in order to test the waters of the countrys laws, following an announcement by President Joyce Banda to repeal -homosexuality laws, Gondwe denied his clients’ involvement.

“My clients are equally surprised with such allegations, they are baseless and hold no water at all, anyway let’s just say the truth will be known once we meet in court.”

Meanwhile, BNL lawyer Innocent Kalua has denied receiving any formal complaint over the article and wondered why his counterpart was rushing to the media before lodging his clients concerns to the paper.

“ I havent seen the complaint but even if I saw it I wouldnt tell you anything because doing so would be unethical on my part, let’s see the complaint first then we will take it from there,” said Kalua.

Some media and legal pundits have since questioned the sincerity of the amount of money being sought in damages arguing, “it is unprecedented in the country’s history.” nyasa times


Someone here is lying and twisting things for financial benefit. Ko ivo vaizoita drama vachikisana so? Ko ku Malawi hakuna varume here zvavanoitisa mukadzi aite baba

Chingochani is acting, therefore it should remain banned.
Vasikana ava vaida kuita mari, asi PLOT yavo yakaramba kushanda. SOMEONE WILL HAVE TO BE BLAMED AND PAY FOR IT

these girls are right and too damn clever,they might not even be lesbians but they put up an act to trap these foolish newspapers that just rush with stories,if justice is done they should be paid,and you will see them go on holiday with their boyfriends

Some1 said it when the pic first appeared that this picture does not show campassion in the kissers;

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