Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Gospel artiste Amos Mahendere was on Sunday involved in a street brawl with a commuter omnibus driver in Chitungwiza.

The musician-cum-bouncer pulled what was suspected to be a pistol and assaulted the driver, leaving him in a pool of blood.The brawl started when some members of Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s United Family International Church asked the driver Ignatius Nyika (30) to lower the volume of the stereo. The driver reportedly refused.

Incensed by the noise the church members asked to be dropped off before their destination. As they disembarked, they reportedly pounced on the conductor Moses Chiyangwa.
When Nyika tried to restrain the UFIC members from beating up his workmate, Mahendere then arrived at the scene and pulled out what passersby suspected was a pistol. He struck the driver several times on the head with the object.

Mahendere was taken to Chitungwiza Police Station for questioning while the injured Nyika was rushed to Chitungwiza Central Hospital for treatment. When asked about the fracas, Mahendere said he was protecting fellow church members.

“I was afraid that other commuter omnibus conductors and drivers might mob and beat them up,” he said. Formerly a staunch member of the Apostolic Faith Mission, Mahendere is now one of the respected musicians and a member of UFIC. His claim to fame was his video of the song “Hupenyu Hwepanyika” which was voted Best Video of the Year on ZBCTV at the turn of the Millennium.

Michael Mahendere, his younger brother, confirmed the incident. “I heard about the fight but I don’t know what actually happened,” Michael said.

Harare Provincial police spokesperson, Inspector James Sabau could neither confirm nor deny the incident, but said he would make a follow up.  However, it could not be ascertained whether Mahendere had used a gun or not. HERALD


Why did they not purchase a church kombi/bus before buying their 'mother' that brand spanking new benz?  Now even 'daddy' was sported luxury car shopping again when his children are acting like low class low lives fighting nanahwindi with vigilante weapon yielding praise and worship singers!   Shameful to say the least.  Inhloni zithini so?


ini ndangofarira kui HWINDI akarohwa chete. period.

Zvekuchechi kwaanopinda hakuna basa; hwindi akakiyiwa ndizvo zvakandifadza;

haiwawo, hauna nyaya iwe

Taura zvako. Izvi hazvinei na Prophet Makandiwa. Apa reporter washa musoro wenyaya.

mahwindi anonetsa mhani regai arohwe ndokuti vamwe vavo vangware...

Only cowards display/parade their weapons in the public!

By their fruits you shall see them. A thistle tree can not produce figs

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