Saturday, 19 May 2012


A BIRTH went horribly wrong when doctors pulled off a baby’s head as they struggled to deliver him in Brazil.

The gruesome blunder happened after the tot’s shoulders became stuck. Mum Maria Viera Alcilne Amoin said she knew ­something was wrong when she heard a crack and a medic shout: “Marcos, are you crazy?”

The 22-year-old was rushed to theatre to have the ­headless body of her baby removed by caesarean. She said at least five doctors had tried for six hours to deliver her son naturally at the hospital in Aracaju, Brazil.

Mum-of-three Maria added: “I felt something coming out, but it was too small. Then I realised it was just the head. They just rushed me into theatre.”

Her family plan to sue doctors, saying the 12lb baby was too big for a natural birth. The hospital is investigating. Maria was too ill to attend the funeral of her son, named Neymar after the Brazilian footballer.
Her gran Jacqueline de Jesus said: “We are hurting so bad. We’re devastated.”


There are no words to comfort anyone in this situation, my heart & prayers go out to the family of the baby especially the mother & father. But on the flip side the man who had the head in his hands has to live with the knowledge that he done that, he took that baby's life because he didn't choose a c-section earlier. So many people's hearts have been touched, may baby Neymar rest in pease R.I.P. sleeping with the angels xxx

Weird, I thought the overwhelming majority of Brazilian births (95%) were by Caesarean. If so why would doctors attempts vaginal delivery for a 12 lbs baby. ??????

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