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ZAOGA Forward-in-Faith founder,  Archbishop Professor Ezekiel Guti yesterday slammed spiritual leaders who are using the word of God for material gain. Speaking at the greater Harare 52nd anniversary celebrations at the Glamis Arena, Prof Guti said many leaders were now taking the Christian ministry as a business.

“Some leaders are imitating Christianity. They are into the ministry not because of God’s calling but they are after money,” he said.
Prof Guti said false leaders do not encourage people to pray, but only preach the gospel of prosperity without the basics of the Word of God.

“The devil has crept into some churches and they are no longer praying but just pretending. For one to prosper, he has to pray and seek the Kingdom of God first. It has been working for me. Just seek God with a clean heart and all will be added unto you,” he said.
Prof Guti said nowadays many Christians did not have time to pray to God, as they would be busy chasing after material gains.

He said if not preached properly, the gospel of prosperity would leave some people discouraged and without hope especially the poor.
“We should teach people to work hard using their hands for them to prosper and this happens step-by-step.  Many people are troubled, as they want to be rich and will end up getting money through dirty means.

“God has a time to bless each person and if you become rich through evil ways you will end up in debts and you will not enjoy life,” he said.
Prof Guti urged Zaoga members not only to read the Word of God but also put it into practice.

He castigated leaders who coerce members to contribute money towards the church for their own benefit.
“Pastors should not force people to pledge money, but should just do their job without greediness. You will never be satisfied with material things as you will continue craving for more,” he said.

“Christians should keep the Word of God, read it and follow rules. Even in Zaoga we also have rules and policies which when followed will make one blessed,” he said.
More than 620 people converted to Christianity at the function. Zaoga was founded in May 1960 and has spread to 180 countries worldwide. HERALD


Look who'$ talking....

Mr $$$$$$$$$$, are the new boys on the street taking a big share of the profit????

Don't make us talk here.

stop talking about wht u dont know.wht are u going to talk about wht do u know ,just F off !!!!!

Mhata yako Guti iwewe ikivhura ma Churches pese pese kwako kuda kufambisa shoko here?kaduzvi kemunhu

I find it hypocritical of Mr. Guti to preach this kind of message when his churches preach mostly prosperity messages. Members are coerced into giving up houses for leaders to live in and tithing well beyond their means. Seems like a case of the kettle calling the pot black. 

He travels first class when he is on his endless trips out of the country, has plush homes and then it is
suddenly wrong to preach about prosperity. His church, way back when it was
still called Assemblies of God morphing into ZAOGA, was among the first to say
the tithe should be paid for one to be blessed and prosper no matter the family
circumstances. The result for some communicants in my village was that I saw
children not attending school for lack of fees but parents would somehow pay the tithe after the
brainwashing. The church never helped to make sure that the children were educated and it took outsiders to help for a fortunate few. Whatever came from those contributions, Guti made enough to buy a
house which he later sold in the most upmarket place in Mutare. That is just in one place. Now he is
critical of others. How hypocritical.
I have never subscribed to this kind of gospel personally but I will
not criticize those who think it works for them. Ultimately, on issues of faith,
no one is an expert.

You can say that again.

thau shalt not judge ezekiel!!!!

Ah so! The ZAOGA coffers are dwindling because of too many prophets and charlatans wanting a piece of the cake. Take heart Archbishop Professor Guti, by the time you die you will be called Your Holiness Pope Vice Chancellor Professor Doctor Mr Ezekiel Guti.

Prosperity gospel is churned in ZAOGA. Is he out of touch with what is happening in his ministry?

I know very little abt ZaoGa but during the pentecoastal boom around 80s there were a lot of youngsters who left the old synagogues and joined them; the emphasis was on "chegumi" were people were suppose to disclose their monthly earning and then pay the church 10% of that; then now we hav the youngsters breaking away from the pioneer pentacoastal preaching properity gospel and emphasising on earthly luxuries; I personally see little difference between the two kinds of gospel

There are no truer words than what  Reverend Guti preached, but the problem is that HE REALLY SEEMS TO BE TALKING ABOUT HIMSELF, HIS PASTORS WORLDWIDE AND HIS FOLLOWERS.
This church is milking the poor struggling people in Diaspora who are surviving on rese-rese basa by demanding and coercing them on tythes/chegumi, and promising prosperity, happiness, marriage to those who are seeking Mr/Miss Right, etc. I still have never seen exploiters in the name of religious fanatics as Zaoga or this Zaoja.

I am saying this based on what I saw in Diaspora. Vanhu veZaoja are about wealth and steering unhealthy competition and discrimination against those who are not part of this religious and fanatical group.  

Guti himself is immensely rich, with lions/cubs in his household in Harare as pets, can you believe it? His Pastors (male & female) are so hostile and cold to those people in Diaspora who are successful & in a healthy income bracket, but go to other Churches, becoz these money seekers want money from them. I am saying this based on experience & what happenned to me.

His pastors in Diaspora are also not sincere as many of them drink, womanize etc secretly, but when you hear them preach to the gullible, you will think that they are the ones who own Heaven or have the key to enter Heaven.

Zaoga people worship VaGuti, and they have his pictures everywhere in their houses and bedrooms. Imagine married women who hang vaGuti's potraits on their headboards (in their bedrooms) and they do hang their husbands's pictures. Beats me!

I am a Christian. I worship God, through my Saviour Jesus Christ, and I do not worship a human being on this earth, though I respect my Church Leaders. This is what the Christian religion teaches us in the Bible.

To VaGuti: Stop this nonsense of "Do what I say but don't do what I do." Do the right thing as a a purpotedly man of God. .

yu are 1000 per right

yu are very right guti must look at himself first before saying things

ana mboko musangotuka mudhara uyu yes imbavha but mbavha ikanongedzera imwe mbaya yaipa chii the bible says its easier for a camel to go thru the eye of a nidle  than for a rich man to go to heaven its as simple as that fungai vamugabe gave every zimbabwean education mari dzaperera kwanamakandiwa muchinzi muchapfuma hapana kuchurch hakutsvagwi hupfumi jesus never had a cent to his name the whole time he was on earth  

some people are scolding the men of GOD thinking that God is not watching if u have bad things to say about a person just say them dont insult people using vulgar language becoz God is watching you and some of you murikuzviwunzira curses upon your life, remember kudenga kuna MWARI pasi pano ndipo pane vanhu, you will burn in hell and it will be too late to repent, lets watch our speech. It is wrong to insult people who preach the Word of God and bring lives to Jesus because these people even if their make mistakes they are human for to err is human but note we shouldnt scold or insult them using vulgar yakadaro it is jsut wrong, Mwari arikuoona zvatiri kuiita.

You are just making wild claims without giving examples so we can't take you seriously. You claim his Pastors drink.Which Pastors?You claim his Pastors womanise.Which Pastors?Which women did they womanise and when and where?What examples do you have they womanised?You claim professionals in the top brackets.Which professionals?What was done to those professionals under what circumstances and when?
You say you are talking from experience then you fail to document that experience.Fail.If you claim to be a professional you better start writing like a professional.Haven't you written reports before?

I don't know much about the Reverend but he has some points here. There are many thieves masquarading as Pastors just to milk the flock and not to feed the flock. There are many who do not care about people but what they can get from the people.With a ministry as big as ZAOGA you are bound to have many such people and this is what he's trying to correct.

MUNHUMUTEMA you are talking nonsense we are talking about thieves here make no mistake about that its our duty to inform the public when they are misled the shona bible reminds followers to remember VAREVI(pastors in general) when they go yearly celebrations in thanking the holy father.The bible clearly states that you keep or reserve ur tenth be it crops animals cash and these are to be slaughtered and eaten at the yearly festival never did jesus collect tithe from his followers i am here we can talk for twenty yrs you can never turn my eye to those lunatics like makandiwa tb joshua i will burn in hell with pleasure MUNHUMUTEMA than to be made a fool nana makandiwa makamboona kupi church inonzi you pay this that money to be a gold member and get to sit on expensive sofas on the front row in church musanyeberana               

man of God chii chacho ko iwewe uri ani in front of God? Let me tell u something there is no one who is going to burn in Hell for insulting those ASSHOLE fake professor Guti, IMHATA zvemachokwadi. Ari kuona kuti ma new kids on the block ana Makandiwa are taking the big slice of the cake abva tanga kubwereketa zvisina basa.

Urikuda mazita emapastors anohura here? Its shocking that your line of urgument is seriously flawed

Are you so blind you can't see all these generalisations?

Titaridzevo verse inotaura nezveCash being part of the tithe?

Church yekunzi unobhadhara mari to be a gold member ndeyipi iyoyo?Where do you pay to sit on the sofa?

Kuchinja mazita ndiko kunokunetsa.Unombozviti DrMacgowan nxa


Gentlemen ,i think the best thing to do about these churches and pastors is to just watch and see ,if you are a man of god go into your house and pray ,insulting them or judging them is risky coz you might invite the wreath of god ,he said judge not

Do u want more...

brian wataura chokwadi, pple shud learn kusatuka vanhuva Mwari.. saka munoti Mwari havaone here, anenge aba mari yavanhu hameno ake kudenga kuna Mwari but chegumi tobvisa cz ndozviri mu bible ratinotenda mariri

mhata yake guti and his followers akuona kuti havachaita mari and akufa nw he wants to repent. mhata dzana mai venyu mesi dai duzvi iri rinonzi guti rafa.

Bambo muchenjere kufa muchitanda botso. Dzidzisai muromo wenyu kutaura nekuti hachisi chekudya chinosvibisa.
Mat 15:11  Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man. 
Mat 15:18  But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man. 

Let me explain kuti once you are defiled you become Satan's fodder.Genesis 3:and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life: 

you are a disgrace you need prayers you think you can be anonymous to God by hiding your ID you are such a fool

your language is evedence of who your father is.the devil you therefore cannot qualify to judge the things of the spirit because spiritually you are Legion!

read the article do not end at the title Man of God

What I'm trying to say is.Regardless of whether Guti is evil or a man of God.When you speak the way you do you defile yourself.Once you are defiled the devil can attack you any way he wants because you are defiled.God commissioned the devil to feed on dirt all the days of his life saka iwe unobva wava chikafu chenyoka.Zvakafanana nemunhu anotadza otadza kukurumidza kutendeuka,God can not help such a person in most cases because the person is defiled.Words are more powerful and even on the day of judgement uchamira pamberi paMwari and he will judge you because of what you said in your life.Musaita marambadenga.
Ukatarisa mubhaibhere we are not allowed even kutuka zvimwari zvevamwe vanhu.Hatikwanise kutuka kana midzimu.In the New Testament we are only allowed to bless not curse.We can't even curse our enemies saka iwe zvawava kuita kuzvisikira moto muziso.

Which church on the earth does not need money to advance their gospel; let's look at the oldest church Roman catholic is one of the richest churches in the world with vast tracts of land; buildings; and the gold roofed vatican; Mapositori its the same they fight for church leadership after the death of the founders; due to financial gains; the pentacoastal doctrine emphasise on money;

 mukeye, ndakufarira, this man is a hypocrite. how dare he talks about some churches when he is the one who started the so called prosperity gospel. haasiriye here uyu ainzi anonamatira munhu pa intercom? akutorerwa vanhu ne mari namakandiwa akuda kushoropedza vamwe nhai nhai.  

he he he he, Guti aona kuti makandiwa na angel vakumupedzera cash kaaa, rinonzi $$$$$$$$$$$$$

 Ko iye Guti wacho kushoropodza kwaari kuita kushoma, who is he to judge. Iya paakaita mazimari, akachatisa mwana wake anorwara akamboshoropodzwa nani. Who is he anoona kuti the devil has crept in other people’s churches.  Nhasi zvaipa nekuti atizwa nevanhu, mari iya yashoma akutanga kurebesa muromo.  He is talking from experience and it takes a thief to catch a thief.

Guti haana kutuka munhu. This is what he did.

2Ti 3:16  All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 

He's instructing and correcting whereas vamwe vari kungotuka.Zvinobva zvataridza zviri mumoyo wemunhu zvituko zviri kutaurwa pano.
Matauriro amaita imi haana kushata.Mataura chokwadi chamunoziva maererano nehunyengeri hwake.Criticism is ok but kutuka neCriticism zvakasiyana.

Guti dai atanga abvisa danda riri muziso make asati atanga kuda kuona rutsanga ruri muziso remumwe...infact dai anyarara hake.....

in another life,once upon a time  i used to teach a child aigara achdziingirwa mari yechikoro,the mother always used to be on the street hawking one thing or the other.I asked her why she didnt pay fees hanzi mari yese yandinotengesa imari yematarenda yekuchechi kwedu kuZayoja.i woludnt have wanted to be that little boy then ,missing school because of 12zimdollars,the way he looked kana hembe mai ava vanga vasingawane mari yekutenga,let alone kuswera vari pamba vachibikira vana,how many other families suffered in this way up and down the country God alone knows.ivo veAoja ava ndivo vaitopa vanhu mari yekuhodha kuti vaswero mbeya nenyika ivo vozotora mari yacho.i hope this woman goes to hell for abusing her children in the name of religion.Pane munhu akakwana achiri kujoina ana Ayoja aya mazuva ano

aaaaah haiwa chihure chirimo imomo chakaoma nekuda nyaya dzevanhu haikona mune mumwe anetsa nekunyenga even vana mai elder vanyengwa imomo naye murume iyeye anonzi Mutara haite chamboko chemunhu hameno chegumi chake chinosvika here izvozvi ari kudanana nekamwe kamwana aiwa kadzwa kutengerwa matights nechegumi asi unoona vekuZaoga vachimupfugama apa nyengero chete akomana dai vatanga vagadzirisa nhara patsetse iyi l think vamwe vakadzi vanokwirwa naye chete hatirambe we respect vaGuti and varume vanonyenga bt zvemurume uyu zvanetsa kana chitunha anokwira chete dai vadiscipliner uyo first then tozodzwa varikuda mari dzevanhu 

God help us, ndimi moga munoona zvatisingagoni kuona, ummmmm i will not speakwo-o.

ZVOKWADI ingashorwa asi hainganyadziswi.

I think each individual has a freedom of choice. Kana varikuenda KuZAOGA/ forward faith or makandiwa zvichivafambira regai vaende. Machechi awanda arikuparidza hupfumi yet we need spiritual riches. Mwari dai vativhura maziso taratidzwa chaiko kuri kuparidzwa mazwi anove nechikuita nekuenda kudenga. Kana zvanyanyo netsa, aiwa ndatitengeyi mabhaibhiri toverenga nemhuri dzedu mumba tonamata and when u have extra cash to burn then buy clothes or donate to schools for books or kudzidzisa nherera.

ini I think it has to do with the Law of Demand and Supply..rem that from Economics?ko
machurch awandisa....vanaMakandiwa,Ubert Angel,Flair
Lady....e.t.c,maybe kwavo baba Guti vanhu vakuita vashoma=Less income...very soon
tichadzwa chechi inonzi Ruby Ministries,$$$ ndiro riri kudiwa!

he is encouraging people to work with their hands what is soo wrong about that...i think read the this properly rather than rushing to say all the crap when you have not really understood what he is saying

is it not in the bible about giving tithes??? has he not said pastors should not force people to pledge money???? people should go where they want to go and worship

competition yawanda...!!


Well well well, zayoja milks people money. Let's talk of talents first. You buy your stock and sell and all money to church. Missions you compete with each other to be the winner and get a trophy plus a certificate. Tithes well 10% goes to church. Love offering, after pastor preaches u pay him money. Free will offering you give any amount you want. Contribution for Mai Overseer's clothing, Mai pastor's clothing, tickets to go from Uk to Zim for deeper life yema pastors. Kitchen yaMai Guti needs renovating. Birthday money for Guti. Pastors very promiscuous especially that one who used to be pastoring in Manchester, cannt say his name. You need to seed as well. Ontop of all this you have your own family to look after. Come your time of need your pastor need you kuti umunyengerere. Guti ngaazive zvaanotaura, unless if he is talking about himself then it's fine. One of the UK pastor kumitisa here iye ane Mukadzi ne vana. I know one pastor who lost his mum in Zim and he couldn't go to bury his mother because he was going to a church conference

Well spoken man of God.  We need to learn from experience of our elders.

"not criticize those who think it works for them" you are the most rational person on this forum hats off to faith nobody is wrong nobody is right the sooner some of idiots out there realise it the better

 Leave the Man of God alone

 A curse to you is on it's way

 If you don't know much about this ministry, please leave it alone. Why do people say God of Abraham?

 son of the devil

 You sound a backsliden member of zaoga yacho

 Nhayi Widzo confront him and tell him kuti Matara usanyenge musikana wangu wobva wamuudza kuti asamutengere matights

ummm amai imi haana kunyenga musikana wangu aiwa anongonyenga chero mukadzi akafa nekuda mbutu dai uyo atsiurwa first haiwa toziva kuti makachena muchechi wese wapinza basa akange arimukadzi kuti unzi wapinda basa unopinda basa nemboro zvese ipapo Mutara atara vana vakadzi muchurch umu zvakaoma chiona amira zvino nesuit dzake dzinenge dzaWacko Jacko aiwa madzimai Halelua man of God ummmmm kuZaoga uku beware murme uyu hanzina probroblem nechurch or baba Guti bt chikara ichi chapedza vana nevakadzi

who are u to curse another ? and u want to masquerade as a christian pano on one hand, and dishing out curses on the other? shut the fuck up!!!

You people stop insulting these pastors and churches! Haumanikidzwe kubudisa mari yako kana kuenda kuchurch kwaanhingi!

Hi guys, just a word of correction, actully Baba Guti was condemning one of his Pastor who took money from fellow people as investment, He did not mean Makandiwa, and also when maZOGA pple worship, they say The God of our Father Ezekiel, The God of Abraham and Jacob meaning Jehovha. Guti is not a god but has a God whose name is Jehovha. Most ZAOGA followers know about the man who joined to work as a Pastor only to steal from followers and now this man is no longer a member. Believe me this church helps people to work hard and you are not forced on how much you pay tithes it's your choice. Sure some pastor anohura because Pastor munhu sewe ari kutonamatiwo mweya wake. Kanaiwe uridofo yu end sleeping navo then motadza together. Kana uri mukristu akakwana you refuse ku hura naanyone else! Hope that helps.

I have nothing against baba Guti but I dont know why he ZAOGA people pray saying God of Ezekiel Guti when the bible clearly says God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. Saka can we all say God of whoever we think is Holy, what if those we think are holy are not holy, bcoz only God sees what happens in secret. I dont mean to provoke anyone but maybe someone can explain why they do this, it puzzles me.

dude or dudess, not only are u senseless, 7 jst hav bulk of prblms n confusion in lyf. if u nid hlp why cnt u seek 4 one?...even an infant is better dan u twice trying. I wonder how old u are. if u cant reason just shut up log-off.

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