Sunday, 22 April 2012


South Africa’s polygamous President Jacob Zuma on Saturday celebrated his sixth wedding in a second day of weekend festivities filled with traditional Zulu culture.

The 70-year-old formalised his relationship with long-time fiancee Bongi Ngema on Friday with Zulu song and dance while dressed in leopard skins and carrying a shield surrounded by men in similar warrior attire.

The businesswoman became Zuma’s fourth wife in Nkandla, deep in the KwaZulu-Natal countryside, where on Saturday she handed presents to Zuma’s family at his homestead in a gift ceremony.

Friday afternoon’s tying of the knot was followed by a glitzy western-style evening reception with a tiered cake where the couple donned formal wear in a marquee erected on the grounds of a local school.

The couple have a seven-year-old son and Ngema joins Zuma’s three other wives to become one of four first ladies with all spouses attending the marriage.
The wedding is his third in just over four years and the second since coming to power in 2009 as the country’s first president with multiple wives.

In all, he has married six times and has 21 children. One of his wives has died, and another – home affairs minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma - divorced him.

The wives have no specific roles or responsibilities but their benefits include travel and secretaries and they are expected to support the president at state and official functions, with Ngema accompanying him to France last year.


Big up to you msholozi thank you nxamalala you have shown us that polygamy is not bad after all; advocates of monogamy are busy cheating

Only good when you know you have the taxpayer on tap to fund the lifestyle or that you have your Shaik brothers to push money your way by being the face of the deals that were proven to have come from a corrupt relationship. Hapana chekuemura apa.

I agree with you Zoba. African's have been caught up in this so called westernized way of living. Hence infidelity is on the rise in Africa. Now here is a man that is saying, "i am sticking to my tradition:. I would rather marry than have a small house. To African tradition! Well done Zuma. Just don’t steal money to cater for the wives. Polygamy is not a crime.

even westerners would love this given a chance, in all honesty many man kuno behind closed conversations wud want it, and some woman too admit they wouldnt mind being in a polygamus marriage had it not been for the stigma associated with the western culture on this issue. i agree with Uye and Zoba.

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