Sunday, 11 March 2012


AN adulterous woman from Bulawayo’s Rangemore suburb will forever rue the decision to sleep with her boyfriend at her matrimonial home after her husband caught her pants down, beat her up thoroughly and smeared her face and hair with semen from her boyfriend’s used condoms.

According to sources, the incident happened on 25 February when the husband, Mr Edward Zulu (30) in the company of a friend, returned home from a burial meeting earlier than expected, only to find his wife, Mrs Loveness Zulu (23), lying exhausted on the matrimonial bed with her boyfriend, a Mr Nkala, with three used condoms and a ruptured one, randomly strewn on the floor.

Mr Nkala, fearing for his life, took advantage of Mr Zulu’s shock to jump out of bed, pick up his clothes and bolt out of the house, leaving his girlfriend at the mercy of the cheated and visibly seething husband.
Mr Zulu, who was momentarily dazed to the point of being put out of action, regained his composure, summoned his friend, known only as JB and together they thoroughly assaulted the busted wife until she fell on the floor and curled herself into a ball to fend off the unrelenting punishment that was being meted out.

With the punches and slaps no longer landing on the intended targets, Mr Zulu, who was being urged on by JB, put aside his revulsion and picked up the used condoms, poured the seminal fluid on his wife’s head, before holding her by the neck and using a cloth to smear the semen on her face and hair.
After being found out to be a cheat and the beating, Mrs Zulu saw no need for her to stay in the two-year childless marriage; she packed her bags and took the next bus to Lower Gweru, her rural home.

When approached for an interview, Mr Zulu refused to shed light on what actually transpired on the day he discovered that his wife was bed-hopping.
“I have nothing to say, this issue is between me and my wife. It’s not for the newspapers. I don’t think it’s fair for you to turn it into news. there are better stories out there that you can write,’’ said Mr Zulu.

Attempts to interview Mrs Zulu almost proved abortive as she does not have a mobile phone, but Sunday News managed to get the phone number of a Mrs Memory Ncube who is Mrs Zulu’s neighbour in Lower Gweru.

Mrs Ncube assisted Sunday News to interview Mrs Zulu who was more than willing to comment about the day of the semen as she revealed she had cheated on her husband because she had caught him with different girlfriends countless times.
“I know what I did was wrong but he made me do that by cheating on me, many times I have caught him with other women. But I accept that it’s more damning when it’s done by a woman, the society we live in permits men to cheat but condemns women as whores for doing the same,’’ she said.

Mrs Zulu said the bizarre punishment that her husband meted on her was inhumane and as a result she had ended their marriage.
“I understand his reasons for beating me because I could have done the same if I was him but I would not have smeared him with semen. That was extreme and uncalled for and it will take time for me to forgive him. Whenever he cheated on me I never punished him inhumanely, what he did is tantamount to witchcraft.

“I am not going back to him, it’s over. I am just 23 years old; I still have time on my side, I am not desperate. When a marriage is full of lies and cheating then you know it’s doomed to fail. I have never cheated in my life but he forced me to do so. I was fed up, what else was I supposed to do?’’ said Mrs Zulu.
Attempts to talk to Mr Nkala were abortive as he abruptly hung up his mobile phone when this reporter identified himself.
JB referred all questions to Mr Zulu.


Unfortunately haana kumamisa munhu aisvira mukadzi wake; akatya ndokudheerrera mukadzi urigwara muface; kushinga kubata huronyo hwechikomba chemukadzi;

Unogona kurakashwa futi watoregwa mukadzi.....but varume regai shungu pakadai nokuti unovuraya munhu. Its not worth kugara mujeri.

Ane luck muchinda uyu akasika kuwanikidza hure iri,Hapana chinhu chakanaka sekurambana vanhu musina or musati mane vana,siya aende, mahure hana mugoni,,,hanzi hure nderekupi zviya?.........iko kuya kune mbiri yemahure.....Lower what? apa pakuda shupi ndiye anogona kusperetera neku pronzauna city yacho........GUDNIT TO ALL U TSAGAZ

Iiiiiiiiish akomana akomana ende dyiro inenge ichiita chikomba ndeyepfini.   anodya zvisati zvamboita samusha zuva iroro.  hanzi the woman was exhausted when hubby walked in, kuita kuparadzwa, nemarounds four akarohwa!  3 used condoms and a raptured one...maybe there was an extra round or two done without a condom futi.  Iiish! Asi varume vazhinji varimudzima vakaroora shuwa varikudya tsvina chete. 

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